Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Show Luo

i think many know that he's coming to Kuching right? well yeah, talks a lot about him too.

eventually i kinda recall back my reactions whenever i talk and hear news about Show, and i thought that i was acting so stupid. heh. i mean i was so overacting every time, like he's everything to me or so-called the-never-see-before-famous-people kind.

i do admire his talent. thought many know that he's great in choreography, so as acting and hosting. most of all, he's a caring and he always treats his mum well and many should know that he really love his mum so much.

hmm, he's just a human who works hard to achieve what he'd gained now, i shouldn't stuck here being crazy about him, but take it as a motivation and inspiration to work hard and achieve what i aim and dream for. :)

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