Thursday, July 26, 2012

KML7,8,9,10. - Finally blog updated! (Y)

It's been... 4 weeks including this week since I last update this rusting blog! I didn't lost count, so yeah it wasn't that long gua. Haha. Sorry for the delays though, time's so crucial I can't find the perfect time to waste for blogging. *Oops?

By the way I just had 3 Trials for Mid Term Exam - Maths on Monday, Economy on Tuesday, and Account just now. Ohh my Maths!!! I can't believe the most threatening subject is maths, which before I came I actually thought it's going to be Account. So unexpected!! Aduhai. More trials next week @@ *pengsan

And yeah, since it's been three weeks, I'll start from the beginning then. But limited only to climax of the week! Heeeee :3


Taklimat + concert. Hmm, I went back after a while though. Too tired cause we had extra class that Saturday. :/ 

Anyways we have our own live band's concert every Saturday! Had our last concert for this semester last week, which is 14 of June. The last concert of this semester, freggin AWESOME! Live beat box by the oh-so-talented Shelveen! 

Outing - The first laksa I had since I came to Labuan. (Y) But the taste's different from Kuching woh.
Bottom picture on the left - My right leg masuk ke dalam lubang kecil longkang. LOL it was in front of the cafe where people's looking! HAHA ohwell what to do. It's okay now but ughhh, there's scar!
Right picture - free Aman Kolej band with I love PM printed on. :O


On 07.07.2012, we went to Cinema and watched Spiderman 3!!! That day was crazy!! Real crazy. 

At first we're at Ujana Kewangan's (Financial Park) KFC for the last meet up with Daryl, who's now already at Malaka studying. Then they decided to walk with Jerry Yaacob to the ferry's terminal because he's planning to go back to KK. 

So after they left, me and Freda went to Monegain because we want to restock our food supplies. But after going into Monegain, when Freda hold the basket she stops suddenly and asks me, DO YOU WANT TO GO WATCH MOVIE NOW? Haha I of course I was shocked but then somehow I actually feel that will happen. So yeah we ran outside, stop a cab and hop on. 

The problem is, WE DID NOT KNOW WHERE THE HECK WE SHOULD GO. The driver just drove out and thought we're going to Utama Jaya, because there is where normal people go for watching movies. But after trying hard to call Daryl, we then decide to listen to Daryl head to the Cinema which is hidden inside the curry shop. Trust me, me and Freda sure doubted that a cinema exist inside the curry shop. BUT THEN IT'S TRUE!

Things to know about Perdana Cineplex Hall 2 - IT'S INSIDE A CURRY SHOP! Student price RM7, adults RM10; the cinema's just like a room enough for approx 40-50 people only; fully-air conditioned and super comfortable! Graphic and sound system were all working well too. (The one I've mentioned just before which is at Utama Jaya is Hall 1, so overall, there's only two cinema at Labuan)

After buying tickets, Daryl called and asks us to buy five tickets for them. Haha in the end the guys join us too ohhhhh. Even poor Jerry did not succeed in going home because the other guys is too good in persuading him to stay. At least that's what I've heard. And yeah, a while after the movie starts, deep voices of laughter came from behind, so there's them, Jovian, Daryl, Marco, Othman and Jerry! Hahaha super impromptu, even for the guys themselves.

So after the movie ends, (VERY NICE MOVIE! and did I mentioned that this is the first movie I've watched since I arrive here at Labuan?) we all walk to the nearby Milimewah and race to get everything we want to restock our food supplies. Rented two cab - and safely arrive at KML before 6 :)


No running, no marathons. Just, Aerobics. Hmmm light exercise.

Top - Cynthia's choir group! Awesome man (Y) But a little wasted because can't really listen to them sing (voice too small bah, furthermore we're all at a very big and open space loh). Before the real performance, me and Freda once spent 2 hours listening to them practice. Jaw dropping and thumbs up high! That's why I say it's a waste for them to perform here bah, should be performing at bigger and more formal occasions. :P

Friday after class, Lulu went outing and brought us Pizza hut! (next day got extra class again bah, so outing day on Friday woh :/) Specially delivered by Lu Yew Teng and friend ohhhh! (eherm of course got pay la) But then pizza inside college? Haha superb :)


Dinggg! Top - Freda's masterpiece. Easily recognize and extraordinary! Haha I loveeeeeee :3
Bottom - It's typical Sunday-after-service-noon-out. We'll sit on the floor outside of Monegain while waiting for the public mini van to come pick us up! Heeeeeee. (Imagine yourself sitting at the corridor of the famous shopping mall in your hometown with many bags of plastic around you waiting for you-don't-know-what) Lol 人在异乡做异事. Of course I wouldn't dare to do the same thing if I'm back home! All of us including agreed that. Hahaha aduahaiiii.

16.07.2012 - Joyce's birthday!!! She's finally 18 :)

Finally it happened at Block Madani C - No water supply. But only for one hour! #grateful loh. For other blocks it actually happen for days. :/ Excluding the boy's block -.- They never suffer from this problem lah! If got, it'll last a while also :P

17.07.2012 - My first ever blood donation! Hahahaha *proud. I used to think that my blood's the category of Universal Donor. But mana tahu, after that day I found out it's A+. Alangkah baik if that's my result for all exams I have. Hahaha.

WEEK 10 - RAMADAN (this week included)

21.07.2012 - First day of puasa. Ramadan's food stall is set up in our school compound and will be selling food here for one whole fasting month. Cool loh! Haha but then with the existence of all these stalls, student will spent more on food :O

Evidence - what I bought from the stalls from day one of Puasa till now.

Waiting for pastor to pick us up at Cafe Merinding :)

Went out bermalam at church again last Saturday! Haha got a chance to experience Ramadan's food stall outside of KML too :)

Just recently - 23.07.2012 - Ching ching's birthday! Haha she's kawaiiii neh. We planned to celebrate on 22th night outside of OSC (one stop centre) but kena halau by guards because it's 10.30pm already. Luckily the cafe's still open and we persuaded the kakak to let us borrow their refrigerator! Haha, next day, we gathered again, and this time, the whole cafe sang together! :)))


Some of the things I do when I feel tired from studying :O Most of the time, I'll nibble on foodS. Heh.

Top - Words and text messages of encouragement from friends and families, for the purpose of motivation and reminder! Yes, I am blessed. Very blessed because I'm surround by people who loves me! :)

Bottom - Pictures of friends and families were also sticked inside my locker door ohh! Picture shown above is just one of many :))


Top left: Lemon + water, pastor said it's good for balancing pH values of the body when one's tired. no adding sugar or the pH value will change to acidic! Tired body is acidic, need to be neutralize by Alkaline solution, which is lemon + water. That's what I heard! 

Top right: Kimchi Ramen! Yummmmmm.

Bottom left: from DA WEI WANG and UK. Full of cheese. 甜品 = 幸福! :)

Bottom right: Gift from a friend of my own hometown. Terima kasih Amir! Hahaha.

Today, while applying mis balik bermalam again for this Saturday, I camwhored!

That day (?)

Which day (?)

I've been doing well. Except for maths which's bugging me the most. Haha by the way I blog at time like this because it's just trial for mid term exams, where assignment and homework is not as much as usual, and there's more free time on hand. But by next week, this blog will be totally ignored as the real mid term exam is 2 weeks away! Then only I'll be back to the real home! Yayyyyyy.

From Pris's fellowship :)

Pastor Adrienne's facebook's wall post.

At all time, there's no stopping on searching for God's words and guidance too. Because through Him, only one can go through the most difficult situation, gained more faith in Him, and still be fruitful in soul.

Toodles people. Please take care :)