Monday, March 28, 2011

Open up your eyes to the things unseen.

I could act like I know nothing. I could just do nothing. Like my father mentioned just this afternoon, "If it's not your business, don't care about it."

But I can't. I had this voice in my head. It told me never to compromise for who I am, what I meant to do, and I need to speak up what's right and what's wrong.


I'm not sure what should I write in this post. But somehow I get the feeling that God's calling all Christians, including you and me to open up our eyes to the things unseen.

In Matthew Chapter 24, the Bible told us to be prepare for the future. As the end of everything would come soon.

Never doubt. Never tumble and be confused with the contemption we are starting to face. Those were the signs that remind us to listen and obey what we should, as written in the book of wisdom.

As He told us.

John 15:18-19 — 
The World Hates the Disciples
18 If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. 19 If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.

We might. No let me rephrase. We Will be ignored and contempt. We Will be facing rejections and be threatened. But God had been through it, to save us. He was nailed on the cross, he faced death. But always bear this. HE CONQUERED THE GRAVE. HE'S THE AUTHOR OF SALVATION. HE CLEANSE OUR SINS. HE MADE US GO FROM NOTHING TO ETERNITY.

*picture credits to link

It's easy to go below and walk down the pathway. It's always harder to reach for the skies as gravitational force exists. It's the same theory with heaven and hell. Believing in God never promise you to have a peaceful and no-worries life, but it in spite with what we'll go through, He'll lead us to His grace.

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Now I know Who's bigger compared to all my problems. I know whose strength is above all nation. I know. I know His light will shine when all else fades. His glory goes beyond all fame.

Lets pray that God will raise up good leaders for the future. For the sake of His kingdom. For the people who he loves so much that he sacrificed His son to bear all the pain just to save us.

Pray that He will open up our eyes. Let us understand the truth, never be selfish and show us how to love like He have loved us. Make us realize what our responsibility is. What is the true meaning of us to exist in this world. Guide us, lead us. 

No more compromising. No more excuses. Hope for wisdom, and strength. Have faith 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Earth Hour 2011's in 2 days time! :)))

YES YOU. Know what's on fire? Its ain't our mother planet transforming into a rocket Lol. Seriously. Do anyone not know our home's getting warmer and warmer as days gone by?

Familiar? Thick amount of toxic coming out from three simple tubes. Causing various damage to our lovely home that's once a peaceful and beautiful place to live in. There's still many childish act that people thought it benefits one self by earning lots of money, making everything convenient, but never think of the consequences, knowing that it'll cause a big damage to our next generation.

Does this make your heart ache? Maybe not cause that's just a vulnerable polar bear and that's none of our homo sapien's business. But what if. What if it's your love ones being surrounded by the phenomena that brings loss and harm, and finally causes death? No one said the pity polar bear isn't our business. Cause whatever happened to them, the same problem will lead to us. We live in the same earth. The same world.

The melting of Himilayan Glaciers. Obviously there's a massive difference.

Take another picture for example.

In recent years, earthquakes have been more frequent and devastating than all the previously recorded quakes combined. In the 9th cen­tury there was only one major quake, in 11th century there were two, 3 in the 13th, 2 each in 16th and in 17th, 5 in the 18th, 9 major quakes in 19th, and in 20th century already exceeded a hundred mark— more than tenfold increase from the last century. In 1995 alone there were already eleven (11) major quakes registering a magnitude of 7 and higher, some according to the sources were the strongest to hit their countries in a century.

Natural phenomena will never stop damaging, and the numbers will never decrease. All we could do is preserve, and slows down the process before it comes to an end soon.

God gave us the responsibility to took care of our own homeland. And yet. So many disasters, so many deaths. People shed tears, people went homeless.  

Remember this? It started by World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) in 2007 alone in Sydney. Now it's a global event and also a testament to show that simple act of people switching off their lights can make a resounding statement for a worthy cause.

Though we must remember, this is only an event that raises our awareness towards the need to take action towards climate change. It's not a once in a year thing. It's not about the specific energy reductions made during the hour being all that's required.

2 more days.

Humanity is not in a position to allow our activities to warm up the planet. Much is at stake; biodiversity, our loved ones and ourselves. Let's start with an hour and stop only when we have created hope for planet Earth. - Dato' Dr Diounysius

*all photo courtesy of Google.

Attach article - How close are we to the END? Bible studies for the Last Days.
Information in details about EARTH HOUR It's time to go Beyond The Hour.


Monday, March 21, 2011


teehee. i guess everything's fine recently. no big wave on emotions so that's great. haha yeah gotta stay calm and steady always. :)


Thursday, March 17, 2011

just. random thoughts.

okay i know facebook's laggy these days. but many were already scolding foul words and acting like they cant live without it. or they ain't acting? NO OFFENSE. but we all know facebook's lag and i don't need anyone to remind me again and again.

camp. sooner or later the feeling will end. and everything will go on as how it should be as before. something that will stay by forever, is the memories we had together. i may still dislike the feeling of paying others attention cause for certain reason i rather continue to go solo and not care. but something, someone, i knew is dragging me out. i hopelessly crave that i will got up and continue to care others without hoping for any paybacks. to my cutest group members, i don't really care about the position i had for being your leader, but what i intent is you guys to be my friends. real friends i mean. :)

so many bites from mosquito. ohmyyyyyyy. then there surely will be scars on my hands and legs for quite awhile. i hate -.- btw tmr's st.joe high school idol's final! aiyeahh can't wear shorts liao ugh Lol. i'm so nervous! bleh not cause its a guys school or a because its a place i never been there, its cause there will be friends that i long to meet! bahaha although i don't really hope to see them face to face, eyes to eyes. awkward lah. o.o

neh enough blabbing. its been a wonderful holiday and currently the mood for studying still ain't gone so its okay i guess :) take care, drink more water, don't stick your ass in front of the computer and remember to have normal sleep! haha.

by seeing people in facebook complaining about how life sucks, i desperately wanna explain to them life's a beautiful thing but afraid to screw up. 

why everyone emo. cheer up! live your life to the max. (cause there's probably not much time left.) - desmond ong

chapter 46 - adventure camp 2011

starting off with a vain pic :P
to be introduce, MESS TIN group members, the awesome ones! and i freakingly love them! :D



木木 - 谢文耀

号恋姐、管家婆 - SHELLA

JANAN - 怀恩 *对不起你太高了照片只拍到你部分的脸 :P

董志豪 - DARREN


笑笑 - 兆敏 KRISTINE


following will be other camp members that i caught along the way to take pictures with me :D















and little but not least. two of the four action kings in our camp - 木木、小丰

closing with a vain picture too XD

owh i'm mentally and physically drained now. i can't tell much about the details, picture might also can't tell experiences that I had in the camp, but little we not know is most importantly, I met a bunch of awesome friends :)

besides thanking God, I still had to continue thanking Him. He planned everything. He gave us countless blessings that we will never be shorten of. maybe i'll write another post about the camp in details, maybe i won't. overall, I sincerely thank my group members, friends, other committees and GOD that gave me a chance, believe in me, taught me guide me and let me have this opportunity to learn and grow. :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

#5 ; chapter 45 - i need more time!

ohh the first exam end le. but thoughts of studying never fail to haunt my mind. i know this is good news but i cant seems to get my head on books these days before i looses my mood to study. wow scary. hope i wont!

okay seriously, i am doubting about what i actually feel right now. a little tired mentally, quite tired physically, and the flame deep down my heart freaking needs boosting to burn like a massive storm so i could do things with total concentration and never failing passion. i hate being sick when its the time i really need my mind and physicals to complete this little but very important task.

i'm looking forward with this upcoming camp. i hope i'll get to prepare full percentage of myself and had the wisdom to overcome all circumstances. longing for flexible but rational behavior, running away from the non-responsible heart that give up every time stress knock on the door.

btw. arrogant and rude drivers that irritates really get on our nerves all the time. but "playing along" with them by being rude back, really shows how immature you are. i know its hard to forgive, but lets hope we'll have the heart to stay patience THE RIGHT WAY. oh i hope you get what i meant i'm lazy to explain.

i don't know either the weather's going bad or my body resistance's getting low as i'm getting "old" and recently having an unhealthy lifestyle. still, everyone please take care. being sick is no fun!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


papa's gonna confiscate the internet modem soon :P Lol exam's here bah. due in need to decrease the rate of temptation on distracting my brother sister and me for studies, seems like the only way is to get us live in the no-tech life. :D

so, tata till holiday starts! :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

obviously its obvious. LOL.





感觉 有点像坐云霄飞车吧?