Friday, September 30, 2011

Wrinkles began to appear in between my brows. Lol

Am I imagining things,

or thinking too much? (Lol sounds like no difference :P)

The desperation of knowing and the killing curiosity just make me feel like.........

But somehow I like it. x) heee weird much :3

Whai oh whai everything's so mysterious :/ I hope right this moment I can own a machine that could read people's mind :P

Where sunshine's hiding behind the grey clouds

I rubbed my eyes and count to three,

I feel the wind hush the grey clouds to sleep,

They lingered so long my fears has gone deep,

Into the trench where memories were keep,

I tried not to think but I just couldn't seek,

The way out to sunshine so I could be free.

I went up to and came through this picture.

The shoes looks familiar as I own one exactly the same.

But, looking at two pairs shoes of the same colour at once,

I started to..... dream -.- I know right. Sounds a little.. perv.

chapter 52 - Mock's finally over! ;)

*took me one whole afternoon for my blog newest makeover. *rolled eyes* anyways a big phewwwwww lah

Recently, I seems to be doing nothing besides studying and watching TV. Heh actually quite okay lah. Bored but I'm still alive. Lol.

The last time I had an outing is with youth fellowship, where we got the chance to visit the border line of Indonesia and Malaysia. It was hotttt! But nice ;)

Before going I thought it'll be like, a ton of police and one huge immigration stop where you need to show your passport or surrounded with whatever high tech gadgets stuff but then I was wrong. Very very wrong. It's just a few police sitting under the sun, and a couple large rows of stall selling goods. The things they sell there were quite cheap and there's some cool antique like the old model of Nikon for sale! x) I doubt if they're real :P

I've brought a yellow colour sunglass! Hehe :) 

Anyways, this is what I've been doing despite reading and studying or worrying about SPM.

Before that, remember 蓝色生死恋?
It was my first 偶像剧, watched thrice and made me cried at every ending. Lol it was really nice mah~ :/

 小恩熙 from 蓝色生死恋 really's so cute I can't stop loving her even till now.

文根英 acted in Marry me, Mary and she's still so preeeeeety x))))
I can't wait to watch the ending :))

I somehow got myself to watch City Hunter which thanks to Reb, I thoroughly watched finish :) It's not that typical type of korean drama and I've heard so much compliment about it so.... I watched x) I'm not so into it but since......

This guy is the main male character *drools* . So I watched! Hehe but I only choose to watch the scene only when he's acting :P omeeee 人是现实的啦. Haiyo.

Take this for an example,

Now I'm still watching Boys Over Flowers (I know I know, I choose to watch now because I only feel like watching now mah) 

So..... back to the point. 具惠善 is so ignorant and strong hearted, so I fell in love with her instead of 李民浩. x)

Did I mention 金贤重 is drop dead gorgeous too? xP 

Instead of this,

I'll for sure choose this. :P

No offense, but I somehow like 李民浩 better when he's acting in Personal Taste, where he was mistaken as a gay but actually he's not. Haha.

He's much pretty here mah. And also a 典型男子 :)))) 

Despite being an asian, I love watching anime too!

This old drama-converted-anime is so sadly romantic :/

Everything's so sad it's heart breaking but also somehow addictive...

Then again, I need balance. I'm in love with Maid Sama! It's my second time watching but I still love it! C:

Heee this couple just can't get cutter. x)

 I'm now obviously a typical 新时代宅女 right? By the way, how to say 宅女 in English? :/

then I got so curious and searched the net, here's what I get from Dark Panther.

"Interesting question.

I've heard people use 'geek/nerd' and 'indoorsy' to describe 宅男、宅女。 I've also heard people use homeboy and homegirl.

However, the strict/technical definition of homeboy/homegirl is:
1) close friend
2) gang member

So you need to be careful when using it. You need to say the proper sentence.

If you say:
He is my homeboy. (close friend)
The homeboy just did a drive by and shot 10 people at the birthday party. (Gang member)
Homeboy over here never leaves his house! (indoorsy)

Geek and nerd is possible, but many people who like to stay indoors do not necessarily have to be geeky or nerdy, so I don't like this term that much. Indoorsy is probably the most precise technical term, but this defintion is somewhat lacking in my opinion because there are a lot of characteristics that a 宅男、宅女 has that the term 'indoorsy' does not describe.

For example: 宅男、宅女 are often associated as choosing to withdraw from social life to varying degrees. They often set their own sleep schedules, typically waking in the afternoon and going to bed early in the morning.

For some (but NOT all), who are considered nerdy or geeky, their days are characterized by long spells of sleeping, while nighttime hours are spent watching TV, drawing, playing computer games, surfing the Internet, reading, listening to music, and other non-social activities. While such people favor indoor activities, most venture outdoors on occasion, though they prefer to do so at night.

Therefore, I think the best way to describe such a person is to use the term 'homeboy/homegirl'. But additional context must be given in the sentence(s) stated. Because as I mentioned before, 'homeboy/homegirl' has other meanings."

My question ain't answered yet, right?

Next challenge, SPM! *knees shaking harder, heart beating faster, hand's trembling................ but before that, my driving test's next Tuesday. Wish me luck! :) xo



懒惰  到不想理人



没了。都没了。感觉冷了,而且冷得好安静,好安静... ...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

chapter 51 - say hello and goodbye ;)

I promised myself to have a new makeover for my dearie blog when mock's over! Heee. And that's when I decided not to go online until that day which............... I failed to keep my words. Anyways the old layout's kinda attaching. We'll see then :P

Ehemm. And so tomorrow's additional maths. My worst enemy x( Well i guess thats all for now lah. I'll let this post be hanging here and get my ass of to study hard hard. Lol i can't believe the fear for addmaths actually persuaded me to say goodbye.

Three more days! ps. I want to dance! (which i can't because i don't know how. heh) So badly. Chicken dance not bad too bah!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

chapter 50 :))

Since when blogger change a new interface?! I'm not use to it because of the unfamiliar looks but somehow I'm glad I struggled through the whole blur process of exploring and getting this post published without major errors.

A long separation with the net world seems kinda......... normal and simple. Lol normal like there isn't any urge in me to keep up with the news and even any desperation or craving in sharing what I've been through lately. Simple? Like there's no complication lah. But. Sigh when I think of my blog was left abandon and neglected for so long and Since I'm finished with my assignment, yeah so that's why I got myself blabbering right now.

Err guess it's better to start letting the pictures do the talking. Heh

Leo Installation! Lol the day where I got commented that I look like Rebecca Black. This is a huge mistake!

One of 3 days to Kuching Festival. Heh and then I was mistaken as a pregnant lady. Lol!

Salvation Charity Sale. Heeee didn't help much :P

At least I see Eric for the last time before he went to Taiwan. I think I didn't say goodbye to him. Maybe that's meant to be :)

Recently, just attended my uncle's wedding. :))

Still getting unsatisfactory results from the previous exam. It's what you got if you didn't put much effort in the past and building your foundation strong. There's nothing much I can do besides putting extra effort and singing Aud Lang Syne to all unworthy temptations. Few more weeks and I'm officially legal to drive on road! Lol then the desperation will finally gets a full stop. Owhhhhhhhhhh. Came to think of it that will be the time where trial should be prior on what to be worry about, well guess maybe i'll postpone the driving thing then. Sigh. By the way. After the registration online for the matriculation programme just now, I'm now so frustrated and more anxious what will it be like in the future. 

Well God knows so I'll let Him lead. All faith on Him! :)

So so so and so. I might not be able to online much. Only if there's exception. I'll be back :)