Tuesday, September 6, 2011

chapter 50 :))

Since when blogger change a new interface?! I'm not use to it because of the unfamiliar looks but somehow I'm glad I struggled through the whole blur process of exploring and getting this post published without major errors.

A long separation with the net world seems kinda......... normal and simple. Lol normal like there isn't any urge in me to keep up with the news and even any desperation or craving in sharing what I've been through lately. Simple? Like there's no complication lah. But. Sigh when I think of my blog was left abandon and neglected for so long and Since I'm finished with my assignment, yeah so that's why I got myself blabbering right now.

Err guess it's better to start letting the pictures do the talking. Heh

Leo Installation! Lol the day where I got commented that I look like Rebecca Black. This is a huge mistake!

One of 3 days to Kuching Festival. Heh and then I was mistaken as a pregnant lady. Lol!

Salvation Charity Sale. Heeee didn't help much :P

At least I see Eric for the last time before he went to Taiwan. I think I didn't say goodbye to him. Maybe that's meant to be :)

Recently, just attended my uncle's wedding. :))

Still getting unsatisfactory results from the previous exam. It's what you got if you didn't put much effort in the past and building your foundation strong. There's nothing much I can do besides putting extra effort and singing Aud Lang Syne to all unworthy temptations. Few more weeks and I'm officially legal to drive on road! Lol then the desperation will finally gets a full stop. Owhhhhhhhhhh. Came to think of it that will be the time where trial should be prior on what to be worry about, well guess maybe i'll postpone the driving thing then. Sigh. By the way. After the registration online for the matriculation programme just now, I'm now so frustrated and more anxious what will it be like in the future. 

Well God knows so I'll let Him lead. All faith on Him! :)

So so so and so. I might not be able to online much. Only if there's exception. I'll be back :)


  1. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

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