Friday, July 29, 2011

chapter 48

 vintage. HAHALOL.

Currently my life is just like an old train,
Barely making any sounds when I'm passing by,
Or merely desperate to notify anyone that I'm around.

Still riding on the same old route,
Ain't waiting for changes,
Though there's breakdown and moments when I'm so tired to move on,
I'm glad that there's still someone loyal and sincere out there.

Mohd. Shahizzad and me *Lol I look tired, I feel sticky and oily. I really was exhausted!

I had my last sports day after five years studying in Kuching High - 21st and 22nd of July!
Four years I've been participating in sports event excluding this year. Sigh teacher told me I have substitution cause I'm too old le >:( Time flies so brutally D;
So I got myself into prefect duties which I could actually skip but I'm afraid to have nothing to do that two days. Lol and so I helped in escorting Lelaki B to their events and help them registered their names.
Wasn't that bad, get to know quite a few new friends and loose some weight Lol. 
And did mentioned? the star of this year sportsevent is zee guy that took picture with me. Ahaha state runner that aged only 15! ohhhmy :P

A memorable chain that I lost four years ago and I still couldn't find it anywhere :/
Remembering we're back from Bojong for my first missionary trip and got it as a gift made by an uncle himself. I do miss those days when I didn't compliant even a tiny wee bit after walking 6 hours none stop into the village or soaked my feet in mud and walking in the rain.

It really is a pleasure getting into contact with the nature God created and having my heart desire so much to serve Him :)

It was youth month! and got the chance to serve God.
Awesome daoooooo~ but got little error because of appearance :/
Nomatterwhat, still praise the Lord! 

Whai oh whai my hair is always in a mess? Bummer lah. I want pwetti and shinee ones!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


好像比往常的波动 更快 



I'm not going to let the frustrating tumble and made me fall. ♥







Friday, July 15, 2011


there's certain disturbing thoughts

that yet felt quite pleasant when you recall it

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Before everything is too late. #bersih

This is really frustrating when you seriously listen to how their conversation goes. When you expect to hear some reasonable statements that the Government side would explain about, you'll end up rolling your eyes after watching this. He's arguing and sound so much like a 3 years old. Gosh.

Power of words -- I love how Desmond describe the whole situation. Credits to what he said:
We all want to hear what is the government's side of the story. But when the chance comes, you handle an interview with no grace whatsoever, contradict yourself and then proceed to accuse Al-Jazeera of "helping other forces". I feel that the interviewer posed some very good questions that we would all like to hear the answers to. And the info minister botches a chance to explain the actions taken by arguing like a toddler. Frustrating.

Is this how it was suppose to be? How is a democratic country having violence when the people is demanding for clean politic and fair treatment?

Tear gas and blue chemical water cannon is thrown everywhere to get rid of people from the rally. Public areas such as hospital, mosque and streets were attack. Old women and men, tourist, everyone suffered from the difficulty of breathing when the cold-hearted decided to threw tear gas at them.

Whats wrong with living in peace and harmony when the government didn't even give the chance of speaking to the people?

Her determination show her dedication and love to the country despite her age.
Malaysian Lady of Liberty - She's 65-years old. Kena 4 times tear gas, 1 time blue chemical water canon" <-- in words of her daughter
Anne, from setapak, took a bus ride down to KL, ALONE, in support of the rally. she was stopped 4 times, being asked her IC, and questioned by the police on why she's wearing yellow. "why can't I wear yellow?" was her reply.
she didn't know what time the rally was scheduled to start, she didn't know where, she has no one with her; all she knew was to get down to KL, and stand for what she believes in.

She was hit by the tear gas and the people surrounding immediately offered help to her. -

Late posting is better than never. Pray for a better country to live in for the coming generation. There's no doubt I'm going to speak and demand for what I should.

Its happening in so many places, where the different races and religions unite and seek for fair and clean election. No discrimination, No fears. Lets pray and hope for the best.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Every time I did it so subconsciously,
A tingling of nostalgia tickle my mind,
And crawl deliberately from the tip of my head, to the sole of my feet.

In the cool breeze I walk through,
Little did I know what froze me.
In the crowd I stand, and caught a glimpse of a stranger walking by.
I doubt if we knew each other.

As our eyes met when we're distance apart,
I wonder if we share the same thoughts.
Wondering why our time stops,
But others kept moving.
Wondering what made us stare at each other,
Wondering what's familiar,
Why wouldn't one of us advert?

I heard a call of my name,
And I turn to look alter directions.
The moment I moved,
My time starts ticking again.

The curiosity compel my head to face where I once stared,
There I see, stood no one.
I look and I search,
That tall figure was gone.
Only left, were the sounds of the crowd that then drown my thoughts into nowhere.

Everything seems so surreal.
But I'm convinced that at that moment of time,
I took steps and paced at the ground of where there's princes and princesses,
Where happy ending seems to exist,
Where it was only fairy tales.

And the enigmatic feeling made the breeze that touch my skin so warm,
Simply delectable.

I kept walking till the last ray of the sun was gone.
With the soul of mine drifting back to where I stopped,
Again and again.

Till now and then,
My memories ignites itself so frequently,
Even how peculiar I felt,
I couldn't shun myself from my thoughts,
The feeling just kept linger on.

For once reality really seems to disappear swiftly into the sky,
I had no distraction,
Not remembering anything and only could see what I saw,
No otherwise nor remaining intentions, No other feelings.
The seconds seemed flawless but yet so vulnerable,
to change even the slightest breath of air.

It dwindle the bleak of my emotion,
adorned the trip I had by finishing it with a sparkling, fascinating ending.