Thursday, December 29, 2011


Last saw it happened in Terengganu and not many people took it seriously.

And now the road somewhere far from Kuching is falling apart. Soon will happen to many parts of the Earth. 

So... What's this thing that you wanted to do but you dare not to do? What are you waiting for?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chapter 59 - Christmas

Winter Solstice - Have you eaten this? As always, I ate more than the amount of my age. Seriously, 17 little chewy ball ain't enough! ;3

Went back to my grandparents. It was raining for days and the weather were superbly cold. :/

Merry Belated Christmas. HAHAHA!

Babeh *In English that means Grandfather ;)* is wearing my gold Christmas hat! :)

But then I decided to give it to Tayung. *In English that means Grandmother* It suits her more! :P

Shell and Rehka :)

Carol and Me!

Me and crazy Kim! :P

Shell, Shantiee and Me C:

We all are grown ups! *Remembering the days when we were little and run around the house enthusiastically lol and nobody could stop us!* Lol I was joking. All of us were always lady like. Haha it's partly true! 

Left: taken on August of 2009 ; Right: taken on December 26 this year.

The rain hasn't stop for days and the water in the river has rise causing my uncle's house to be invaded by water. :/ Sigh luckily these two days it ain't raining anymore :)

Taken on August 2009. The steps still can be seen, and the water in the river was only typical adults waist height.

But despite the rain, waters overflows and flooded the road to the other village at the back of ours. 


Landslide beside one of my uncle's house because trees on the hills were cut down due to construction of a house. Thank God nobody's hurt and it didn't fell on houses. Lucky people from the village are one hearted and helped remove the soil.

Besides the river, here is another place in my village where people can literally have a shower. The coolest part its, the water was from the top of the mountain so it's icy cool and crystal clear!

As much as I like it going back to my grandparents to escape the busy city once in a while, I love staying at home with my dearest instrument and sing my heart out too.

I'm a lucky baby to be born in a family form of diversity cultures where I could experience everything without asking permission. I love my family, and I cherish what I have :)

Treasure what you have when you have the chance! Three more days till 2012!

Gonna... Try to... Be healthy. *HOPE*

The fear I have being a graduated high school student were haunting me so much I think about it constantly but didn't know what to do. I miss those days when I was at the age 15, where all of us were thin and fair, and we could eat whatever we wanted but still have a great posture. As time flies, we get lazier and yes, our body's metabolism rate ain't as fast as before because we'd die just to be active so instead we chose to slug around.

Just after Christmas with countless open house buffet from relatives and a birthday party I went yesterday made me end up eating a lot at once and gained 1kg of weight. (Sounds like I've gained more than that and I'm being overreacting but seriously, gaining weight is easy but losing weight isn't!) Especially when you love food so much you rely them to chill yourself out. (I admit several times before on twitter, I eat chocolate or anything else whenever I'm unhappy. *Obsession for food lol.)

Okay so really, I don't want to be a 18 years old soul but walking around in a 60 years old body. Its hard to turn back when everything get much worst. My encounter on KY's latest blog post made me decided to write this post, cause it's true that everyone should be concern about their health and not take it easily. Because when you do, your body will thank you one day. Besides, having a good looking posture will boost up your confidence, am I right? <<< the government website that could be useful with numerous tips and tricks to help you keep a healthy lifestyle :)

All the best! :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The End

OMG this is just like, seriously cool. Loving the story line! And shit. Did it just left a hard bang on my head.


Hello. Heh.

-Kissing is healthy

-Bananas are good for cramps.

-Chicken soup actually makes you feel better.

-It's true. Guys DO insult you if they like you.... 

-Having someone rub your tummy when it hurts actually helps it.

-89% of guys would want girls to make the first move.

-Girls love it when Guys hug them from behind the waist.

-Chocolate makes you feel better.

-Girls love it when guys let them wear their hoodie or jacket.

-Guys think its cute when you mess up.

-A true friend will ALWAYS judge & criticise you,because he/she CARES about you.

-There is only one guy who is worth your tears.

-If you have a dream about someone, then that person went to sleep thinking about you.

Original post from Facebook ;)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The perfect gift ;)

Its the day before Christmas people! ;)

Despite this very merry season, I hope I left you nothing but smiles on your face.

The relationship between Christmas and You.

Before I touch on the conclusion, let me begin by telling you a story ;)
Storyline : 杨百合 Drawings: Me *sorry for the crappy pictures :P

I was sitting in the living room when...

I saw a bird flying towards my one piece window.

In just seconds, all I heard was a loud banging sound...

I went out and look at the bird. It struggle for a little while, and soon lost its sign of life. "Its the second time I encounter something like this... Why are you so careless."

Sigh. The last bird was really lucky. It crashed on my window but after resting for ten minutes, it managed to flew away. But this one...

I was sad and frustrated at the same time. If it wasn't for the bird who can't differentiate the window was a part of the 'wall', it wouldn't flew fast and knock the one piece window! "Its the window's fault, you're the one that made the birdie hurt! >:("

But how can I explain to the birds that, the window can't be knock with their heads for it will hurt them if they do?

Unless, I became the same species of bird, so it could understand what I'm saying... "a*b@#c" "Chirp?"

As you can see, the birds mind were so simple, how could they have the ability to understand us human?

Similarly, with human's complex but limited mind, how can we understand the unlimited God?

Human have the nature to worship. If it wasn't for the revelation of God, us human will seek and find God, search high and low to look for a subject to worship, and end up worshiping the wrong ones; Theres people who worship the trees, and believe the spirits of God live in it...

Therefore, God takes the initiative to show us the revelation, and thus we will be able to know Him.

The first revelation (normal revelation) : Nature. 

The second revelation (special revelation) : Bible.

The third revelation (direct revelation) : Jesus Christ.

We all knew that on the night when the brightest star shines high up in the sky, it was the night that Lord Jesus Christ was born.

33 and a half year after Christ was born, despite siting on the throne and wearing a crown with diamonds, gold and silver lining on it, the Roman Soldiers made a crown for him to wear, by using thorns.

And still...

What does our life have to do with Jesus being nailed on the cross anyways?

What rights do we have for a highest prince to go through so much suffer and pain? Some more sacrifices His life for us? 

We've commit uncountable sins that can't be forgiven: we hate, we kill, we lied, we steal and there's so much to list.

In the beginning I've mentioned that the innocent bird have knocked the window and died after, if only I can turn into the same species of bird and explain everything to it, the bird can avoid being hurt and live happily then.

With the identical theory, us human were daft and we commit numeral sins, leading ourself into suffering paths of extinction.

But Jesus have came to this world and became one of us, so through him, we could understand the undying love of God,  be forgiven from the seizing of sins, and have the freedom to live in joy, peace and happiness.

Without a doubt, to have countless of blessings too. :3

This, is the meaning of Christmas, the relationship between the born of Christ and us.

So, always bear in mind that Christmas is not about gifts, lights, food, ornaments, trees, snow, and too is never about the birthday of Santa Claus.

We were the reason, that He gave his life.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

By the time you read this

Who say there's an age limit to write a book review? Anyways this will be my first complete post on a book review I've read during my second day of SPM. (Lol see? This book seriously's worth the sacrifice of time I have and for your information, I'm having English paper the next day, so yeah, I TRIED to choose the right time)

*Seriously, I will try my best to not let this post sound cheesy* But heck, whats the point to write a book review without sounding cheesy? So back to the point. I've read this book called "By The Time You Read This" written by a gorgeous author as shown in the picture below.

Her name's Lola Jaye. :)

Same as the content of the book itself, the author herself is such an cunning writer. She plays with the word so magnificently and made it as simple as it sound but with the way she showcases her feeling, she will definitely made you feel all complex from deep down of your heart. As if a hungry beast lying in the deep dark path of the forest, her work of art will brutally eat up the next victim alive.

Its a novel about a  father whom has written a 30 years manual for her little girl before he passed away. A post written from the father can be only read by the daughter only on the day of her birthday and he tries to guide his forever little girl in her life during his permanent absent through the manual.

This never ending yet addicting book has effortlessly made a dumbass who actually thought that she were emotionally strong and mentally clever -- duh ME cried for a grand total 10 times when I finish reading the first 250 page. (Lol I literally counted :P) Which means there's more to go and more tears to shed. Of course, the novel has made me laugh countless of time too. And thank God I manage to finish it without sleeping late ;)

I'm overwhelmed by how powerful her writing is, despite this book s the first she'd published. I am seriously not exaggerating and making a fuss out of this book I've read in the past because you may think that I am desperate in writing a new blog post or oh-so-eager to show off that I have truly read an awesome book. NO you are absolutely NOT RIGHT and no I am DEFINITELY NOT despo to submit a new blog post. Gosh maybe a part of it was true but What The Heck. Good gracious I did read an outstanding and flawless book I must say.

Gold can be ran and chased for once in a while but nothing is more than a true relationship;

Certain incident may have cause lousy impact on oneself and convinced us that no one can stay forever, but bear in mind that even the not so obvious one was maybe the right one to be with;

Learn to move on despite living in the past that might have the potential to hurled you into the trench of ugly threatening fear of depressions.

Okay if you don't get what I say you might as well read the book. I borrowed it from the public library so yeah. Happy reading! ;3

Dessert Love

I was listening to Tyler Ward's before I decided to compose this. Another reason I went on to compose this song is, ohmannnn I crave to eat dessert the moment since holiday started. Heh sweet sweet love. 3

Try to ignore my amateur guitar skills and my not so nice voice. :P

Please pause the playlist at the side bar of my blog before you hit the play button. Do critic and comment if possible. Thanks! :3

The sun's up high right in the sky
And there you are my apple pie
You'e wearing white but your face's blushed read
my my

And here you came you hugged my tight
In the world I feel there's only you and I
Like ink and paper you tell our stories right

And you see me smiling then you tell me I'm pretty
Sweet as your favourite chocolate ice cream
You sing my heart precisely and you know what I'm thinking
I can't help to say but you're my prince charming

With you and all that I do
You made me feel like I'm true

No faking around no heartbreaking moments
Our loves here like dessert in amazing London
You are my knight and my bright shining armor
You kept me from harm from every disaster

I think I'm falling for you
Falling in love with you

Your sweetness I love and thats what I crave for
You're the best on earth that no one could ask for
And you are my love My only one for sure

My only one I'm sure

Simply A Song I Sing

This is something I do when I have some time to spare.
Its a weird coincidence but I begin composing this song in a late evening when the rain has started to fall, and ended when the rain has stopped. Please ignore my amateur guitar skills and my not so nice voice. :P

Please pause the playlist at the side bar of my blog before you hit the play button. Do critic and comment if possible. Thanks! :3

Its raining and here I am
I'm singing and letting the melody pours in my head
The waters were dripping
My heart kept dancing as the cool wind blew into my face

I close my eyes
And this is what I see

I am a song A fairy tale
Singing from another world
With these six strings and words I sing
what brings me down has disappears

And dreams have come alive
So does your eyes were shining bright
Your smiles became my dime
Buying treasures of all kind

Its my bog screen And you're in it
And I think I can't feel my feet
Not wanting fame or being rich
Just you as my birthday wish

You held me I'd flew high
Goosebumps crawling up into my spine
Miss you badly that I've cried
But your kisses tells me that I'm fine

Rainbows ignites Filled up the sky
Its you or it was the rain
When I see you my heart felt light
Like music has filled my life

The rain has stop so swiftly
And this song I sing were kept between you and me

For what I knew and heard
I dare not to love
This is simply a song I sing

Monday, December 19, 2011

Eheh. I youtube all day! :P

I wanna watch this so badly. Joshua Ang and Shawn Lee, old time favourite actor :P

The feeling when you're no longer in high school, and you reminisce the nostalgic moments with the special people you spent time with. All you can do is let the memories filled the emptiness of your heart, and try to find a way to never loose contact with them :)

You can't let go the love you've fallen hard into. Its not easy to forget because you've cherish the moments you had when you're together. You're not ready although reality tells you that its time and you no longer can keep it. People go away but most of the time, the feeling stays for the person that loved too much...

No matter how many times you've tried, you'll never learn how to love the right way.
No relationship existing in the world is perfect, like how it was acted in a movie. The only promising part is to know that to have the right person who you can be with that accept all the imperfection and tries to make the relationship works, that's truly perfect.

The keepers guy weren't the one that could make billions and millions of promises, because once they're broken, sorry means nothing. But when the guy can do things that made you feel like you own the world, keep him. :)

Being alone is okay. Being lonely is another story. Sad story. It makes you think the things you don't want to think about. But being lonely isn't the worst feeling. Just promise yourself, don't be the forgotten person by someone you will never forget.

They say autism were angels fallen from heaven, highly gifted and they communicate in a very special way. They're nothing but retarded, its just us that weren't clever enough to understands them.


All I want is really to fall in love. But I dare not to. Gladly my dream's still there :)
Its the time when you'll feel special, where the world is only you and the one you love, and what they said means everything to you. :)

The song itself speaks it all. I've nothing to say, it just made me wanna love more. :3

Sunday, December 18, 2011

chapter 58

My holidays were nothing much. Seriously. But gladly I was used to the days of not doing anything important already :) The bad thing is, will I get use to slugging around and gain weight soon? o.o

Last week I've been going out too much. Lol somewhat I thought so because in the usual days, all I do is snug on the couch and watch old movies over and over again. Pathetic? Nah I LOVEEE IT.

Tuesday met up with friends at church to discuss upcoming Growing Heart fellowship programme, its the first time so I'm kinda looking forward to the exact meeting day;
Wednesday went to Sinar Serapi, sunbathing much, and luckily I wasn't the victim of the sun, yet;
Thursday met up with the upcoming ISCF committee members and got summon for not placing parking ticket, which I eventually forgot that its my responsibility now to know that most parking spot belongs to the government;
Friday had a pool party with my sister's youth fellowship, barbecued and ate home-cooked food by the pool, swam and Sam actually found 20MYR in the pool! Lucky guy;
Saturday lied in the sack till satisfaction - woke up exact at 12 noon, packed up my luggage and hit the road with mum and sister to attend my cousin's wedding at approx 36th mile near my grandparent's.

About 2 in the afternoon, me, clean and clear waiting for my sister and mum to get in the car so we could begin our one hour trip :)

*I asked my cousin if my face were as red as my nails. He said, naw its not. It's just so much redder. LOL?*

Nearly midnight and shockingly, I was caught drunk. Blush on my face and dizzy like I've been hurled by a hurricane after drinking shamelessly only half can of beer. I know right. Who are you kidding me, HALF can of beer?! I was never like that, seriously!

Fyi, the picture above was taken one hour after the redness goes of a little. Cold water on face, it made the heat turns into vapor!

So as for today, got up at 6 in the morning and rushed down to the city, and reached church late. Sigh this is absolutely a bad habit you know? Like its a custom to be late which sounded extremely abnormal. 

Just digested 3 movies before this blog post and later am heading to 17th mile to celebrate Christmas early! ;3

Have a nice week people. Treasure 2011 before it ends! :)