Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dessert Love

I was listening to Tyler Ward's before I decided to compose this. Another reason I went on to compose this song is, ohmannnn I crave to eat dessert the moment since holiday started. Heh sweet sweet love. 3

Try to ignore my amateur guitar skills and my not so nice voice. :P

Please pause the playlist at the side bar of my blog before you hit the play button. Do critic and comment if possible. Thanks! :3

The sun's up high right in the sky
And there you are my apple pie
You'e wearing white but your face's blushed read
my my

And here you came you hugged my tight
In the world I feel there's only you and I
Like ink and paper you tell our stories right

And you see me smiling then you tell me I'm pretty
Sweet as your favourite chocolate ice cream
You sing my heart precisely and you know what I'm thinking
I can't help to say but you're my prince charming

With you and all that I do
You made me feel like I'm true

No faking around no heartbreaking moments
Our loves here like dessert in amazing London
You are my knight and my bright shining armor
You kept me from harm from every disaster

I think I'm falling for you
Falling in love with you

Your sweetness I love and thats what I crave for
You're the best on earth that no one could ask for
And you are my love My only one for sure

My only one I'm sure

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