Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chapter 59 - Christmas

Winter Solstice - Have you eaten this? As always, I ate more than the amount of my age. Seriously, 17 little chewy ball ain't enough! ;3

Went back to my grandparents. It was raining for days and the weather were superbly cold. :/

Merry Belated Christmas. HAHAHA!

Babeh *In English that means Grandfather ;)* is wearing my gold Christmas hat! :)

But then I decided to give it to Tayung. *In English that means Grandmother* It suits her more! :P

Shell and Rehka :)

Carol and Me!

Me and crazy Kim! :P

Shell, Shantiee and Me C:

We all are grown ups! *Remembering the days when we were little and run around the house enthusiastically lol and nobody could stop us!* Lol I was joking. All of us were always lady like. Haha it's partly true! 

Left: taken on August of 2009 ; Right: taken on December 26 this year.

The rain hasn't stop for days and the water in the river has rise causing my uncle's house to be invaded by water. :/ Sigh luckily these two days it ain't raining anymore :)

Taken on August 2009. The steps still can be seen, and the water in the river was only typical adults waist height.

But despite the rain, waters overflows and flooded the road to the other village at the back of ours. 


Landslide beside one of my uncle's house because trees on the hills were cut down due to construction of a house. Thank God nobody's hurt and it didn't fell on houses. Lucky people from the village are one hearted and helped remove the soil.

Besides the river, here is another place in my village where people can literally have a shower. The coolest part its, the water was from the top of the mountain so it's icy cool and crystal clear!

As much as I like it going back to my grandparents to escape the busy city once in a while, I love staying at home with my dearest instrument and sing my heart out too.

I'm a lucky baby to be born in a family form of diversity cultures where I could experience everything without asking permission. I love my family, and I cherish what I have :)

Treasure what you have when you have the chance! Three more days till 2012!

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