Sunday, November 27, 2011

chapter 55 - one short peek :3

Just got the pictures from Margaret. I certainly miss being there and talking to the crew members, but.

Although how perfectly my time on board began, I end up committing a mistake that left me embarrassed and dare not to look at the glare from the seas of crowd. I won't mention what I've done, but no, I hurt no one. I just made a teeny wee little mess. Sigh. But so far, it's quite okay, just that I don't really dare to go back there for another time.

By God's grace, I've been doing fine recently. I guess. So yeah, why not blog for a while since I badly miss doing it? C:

Do you know the feeling, when you think you're right and you proceed to the choice you thought that it's right?

But what if you made the wrong choice and you can't go back? What if you chose the wrong choice and sacrifice the one that's right?

Amidst the buzz, finally I can have a taste of the movie for myself and blog about it right now! ;3 Most of the time after reading Gidden's books, I always fascinates the way he decipher his thoughts by using powerful words that leaves permanent footsteps on my mind. Although I'll always convince myself not to buy his book again, I'll still end up purchasing one after another. :/

Well, if you're aged 18 and above (Lol I know I'm not, but duh I'm nearly 18), I strongly recommend you to watch this movie. My rate, sincerely 9.5/10! :)

Shades Of Blue - Here you can get a slight review of the movie :)

Then honest speaking, there's changes in the scene which didn't really tell the exact true story. Instead I think reading the whole story from Gidden's novel is seriously more worth it. (Just my opinion) But trust me the movie's still a blast!

Seven down, three more to go! I'll miss you soon, SPM :P

Still, having the fear for the dream that have yet to come, worrying that it might not come true, is worst than a bloody nightmare.

Till next time then, au revoir!
Bon Baisers :*

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Severely infection-ed?

One Direction funniest moments. :)

By far, this is THE BEST.
I'm seriously laughing and giggling the whole time even like 2 minutes after Louis said goodbye. No joke.

One Direction

Trying to get cured from Bieber Fever? The only way is to get One Direction Infection.

I don't know you, but I'm positively infection-ed. (well so does this proves that I'm still a typical teen that crushes on hwat stars? Lol)

Till then, Loves!

Beautiful Soul

Heard his name since I was young, didn't really know how he look till recent years.

This is what accompanied me in this whole exam duration. :)


Friday, November 11, 2011

chapter 54 - last day of normal classes :)

Alas, I'm sorry for not being honest and going too overboard with the freedom I had in my hands. Still, the most seducing web has made me vastly intrigued, and crave for more as I'm thirst for it's juiciest and unfailing medium of connection to the whole wide world.

Beyond guilt and disappointments, I had enough said and I don't wish to go on further. Its been days since I get to really interact with people, besides the Prize Giving Ceremony yesterday that was held in our school hall. Though I went home with the feeling of regret for going to school, because apparently I was lonely and nothing seems to enthusiast me.

And today, as everyone was making a fuss of the nothing but ordinary 11.11.2011 (well for me at least), I was up early at 3 in the morning because I had had too much sleep and can't seems to get back to sleep. After the time ticked in a retarded pace, I got myself washed up and drove to school. 

After assembly and a long speech from the principal and senior teachers, it's time for us to value our time and capture our seemingly ending time in high school.

I know, I know, I elaborate too much on the details and made you yawn. Well did I? Anyway without further ado, I'll just let the picture do the talking. I have 41 pictures for you to take in so far, so yeah fair enough.

Puan Pidan, the second most enthusiast teacher I've got. (Lol as a matter of fact, Bro Cornelius achieved first in my list) And there's Miss Sharon, one of my favorite teacher whom is sophisticated in English despite her unpredictable emotions.


It's been a pleasant surprise to discover just how long we've known each other, 11 years is long, and I'm glad we're still friends. :)

Once upon Form 1 he was just slightly shorter than me, who used to sat beside me in the school hall , talking crap while waiting for Miss Wee to make her speeches before allowing us to admit into class. Who in the world will have the thoughts that he'd became so tall and lead the prefectorial board of taking up the role of being the head prefect of 2010/2011? He's oh-so-hilarious and loose regardless the pressure of being in the head of all student's body :)

We're confidante since the first time we met, and I felt lucky for myself to encounter such a great friend. For what I've remembered, I'm pretty much an "ah-lian" when I started High School and she's one of the person that influenced me so much to be a better person. :) as LA Time's Valerie Ulene once mentioned : "Behavior is almost contagious among teenagers. Good behavior by peers can spread through the group. But bad behavior can also be modeled."

I've been blessed being influence by the right people at the right time. God's timing is always perfect :)

Since form 2 I've commit myself into the Inter-school Christian Fellowship and proud that we've formed quite an extraordinary family despite the ups and downs. Clement always promptly challenge me with none-matter-issue and making so much weird actions to get the member's attention. Still I'm glad he's there to enhance the "highness" of the club which pretty much made it lively and added so much laughter in our weekly meetings. Also, I've so much appreciation for the support that YunYee gave me, so as Jonathan's help and advice. They're God-send-angels and such great partners to work with. :)


The 3 crazy ladies - Jan, Tiff and Ting. :) They all have the typical fun attitude and I'll always have the chance to lmao-ed when I hang out with them x) By the way, there's no denial that I always love it when they teased me. :b weird lol

Wugui, Sarah, JiaYing, Agnes 

Natalie! :) Same as always, the naughty, fun, cute, sincere and honest friend that'd always made me enjoyed her companionship. :) Babi Hong! Lol he's always so polite to ladies and I don't get his connection with the guys but that's NOMB. He's somewhat one of the sweetest guys I've met. I guess. :P 


Jason, who would ought to have the speculation that after he came back from Aus he would gain so much self-confidence? Lol funny but shrewd guy though. Next is 章鱼! x) A guy that blend amazingly well with a lot of girl but never ignites any sparks. He's a little blunt but nice too :) AhLim! Zee most sentimental guy I've ever met my whole life. He knows how to mend up words and speak through his "Angelina Jolie's lips" and the truesome is he have the ability to make the whole class laugh, hard! x3 


My ELC's buddies :) Micheal the pleasantly mischievous but sometimes sweet guy; and nosy-old-HeeKiat that were always willingly yet unstoppable to share his thoughts to other people. He's a nice friend to have though and quite a reliable person to trust in doing things besides keeping secret :b

After Form 3, I thought it was always something that connect with science is what I desire in pursuing at. But after one year struggling through the subject that I yet to master and obviously has screwed up badly, only then I realize and have a clear mind set in what I wanted to do in the future. But nothing can be done since I've made my choice so eventually, I had to stay in science stream with Biology, Physics and both killing subject - Chemistry so as Additional Mathematics.

Since I've been tormented in the disappointment I had within myself, I'm glad there's people that has indirectly lighten up my emotions and helped me through the obstacles in my pathway of studies. I appreciate being in a class with high achievers, as they somehow make me want to strive. But unfortunately not strive that hard. :/

Still, I'm glad there's them! :)

The four quiet yet very hardworking ladies, obviously excluding me. :P Ohwait they're not actually quiet, just very very disciplined :)


Elisa and YuChu, both petite ladies with loud voices I say. They often laugh so loud it's hard not to resist. Brandon, he's the one in a millionth guy with a soprano voice and always were hilarious in attitude, ignorant sometimes but often so hardworking and clever. It always made me laugh when he would ask girls for mirrors :P Roger! The Caucasian-looking-guy-but-actually-not which always made girls admire him and shout his name so deafening loud whenever he was on volleyball field showing off his skills. Pretty much a womanizer, but in a good way lol. Truthspeaking, he's probably everyone best friend :) Alvin fascinates car a lot and I'm sure if they would invent a subject that have something to do with automobiles, he'll definitely score a hundred percent! Ohyea and not to forget that, he owed me a plate of fish and chips. Lol and I don't even remember why.


A person whom you can seek for advice when you're doubting your personality, and always proud being God's precious child, Shella did guide and help me whenever I have problems, and thanks to her, I learnt a lot :) Gwen, recently closer and as time passes, I realize we pretty much share the same interest so there's none stop blabbing when we hangout x)

Shell, Eileen, Shen, Peggy 

The two big guys (LTY,SW) and their sincerely-victim AhKhoon. x) Class was somehow, different and dramatized with their presence. And heck, believe me that they do made us cried till our tummies hurt. (Heh at least I felt it)

SingNee, WenLing, SieWei, Josephine, SiewPing, SiewLi and HouYuh :)

Besides my S5's fellow partner, there's still the awesome-most friends beyond mon camarade de classe 

JiaWen, David, Nigel, Aida, JinHuarn ;3

Edric and Joshua. Two both typical and pure Asian looking guys but have better command in English compare to Chinese. Heh they both can sing and play the guitar, and slightly have the same sense of humour. :P


Alquin, SzeTak and Emily :))

An ending, with a little epic-ness.

Blackcrowns were the three musketeers that have been my only male classmate in S5 from C's class since we all have parted into different class during the diversion of science and art streams after PMR. The epicness PinkCrown Owner is khoon, the most talented drama-king I've encountered, so far. Four of them were always a pure slapstick to have in a class and has kindly restrained our study ambience from being dull and boring.

I know I still left out a long list of friends, which I've failed to capture in only two hours of time. Though there's no significance of any pictures, our memories will still be keep deep down in my heart. :)

So here it is, thanks to the existing of diversity personalities of my loveliest friends, my learning experience was spiced up and enthralled. :)

Gosh it's been a long time since I've been so gooey and talking about people. Lol sorry if I didn't entertained you. That's not my point of posting this blog post anyway.

Bons baisers, take care and happy 11112011  ! :)