Sunday, November 27, 2011

chapter 55 - one short peek :3

Just got the pictures from Margaret. I certainly miss being there and talking to the crew members, but.

Although how perfectly my time on board began, I end up committing a mistake that left me embarrassed and dare not to look at the glare from the seas of crowd. I won't mention what I've done, but no, I hurt no one. I just made a teeny wee little mess. Sigh. But so far, it's quite okay, just that I don't really dare to go back there for another time.

By God's grace, I've been doing fine recently. I guess. So yeah, why not blog for a while since I badly miss doing it? C:

Do you know the feeling, when you think you're right and you proceed to the choice you thought that it's right?

But what if you made the wrong choice and you can't go back? What if you chose the wrong choice and sacrifice the one that's right?

Amidst the buzz, finally I can have a taste of the movie for myself and blog about it right now! ;3 Most of the time after reading Gidden's books, I always fascinates the way he decipher his thoughts by using powerful words that leaves permanent footsteps on my mind. Although I'll always convince myself not to buy his book again, I'll still end up purchasing one after another. :/

Well, if you're aged 18 and above (Lol I know I'm not, but duh I'm nearly 18), I strongly recommend you to watch this movie. My rate, sincerely 9.5/10! :)

Shades Of Blue - Here you can get a slight review of the movie :)

Then honest speaking, there's changes in the scene which didn't really tell the exact true story. Instead I think reading the whole story from Gidden's novel is seriously more worth it. (Just my opinion) But trust me the movie's still a blast!

Seven down, three more to go! I'll miss you soon, SPM :P

Still, having the fear for the dream that have yet to come, worrying that it might not come true, is worst than a bloody nightmare.

Till next time then, au revoir!
Bon Baisers :*

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