Friday, December 24, 2010

chapter 38 - then and now :)

beware, its a superbly long post! :)

once i were a so-called crying little baby that hate going to school, always pretend that i am sick so my dad wouldn't bring me to school. i start to puke before entering class, and he'll take me home. believe me, my dad brings me home EVERY TIME he saw me vomiting. LOL haha. i know you love me dad, i love you too :D

AND SO. time flies so damn fast man! just less than two weeks time i'm going to start my first semester of form 5, my last year in secondary school! form6's excluded lah. aduhai. i'm starting to have these flashbacks and recalling on old memories i had when i once started my first year in secondary school.

and so, the real blab starts~ XD

i remember during the end of year 2006, a few moments after i receive my UPSR result, i was so scared that i wouldnt be transfered successfully to kuching high school. crying and praying to God, what will happen if i'm not successfully transfered? but then, i believe God heard my prayers and through my ex-principle, and also my grandpa's customer Mr Thomas Lau, he selected me and i'm officially a highian! during registering, i remember the looks of my form1 teacher's face, Madam Annie Tan, whom had those grace and lovely smile words cant express. i immediately sense that it would be a great year! second day of school, i manage to talk to almost everyone in 1C, thanks to Madam Annie for selecting me as the class cleanliness monitor, i guess, through this i am able to boss people around and fool myself too :P i have a so-called teacher's pet feeling and take my responsibility so seriously and so, i had some minor arguments with certain friends cause i had too high expectation on their duties in cleaning the class. but still i thought everything went out okay :)

when i was in FORM 1, i remembered that rebecca's sitting behind me, and huan's in front of me. i cant really remember anything specifically except for some epic moments and the time that involves whole class unity in solving some "issues". haha. audrick fung's always get the spotlight wherever he went. since primary, he never changed. although he's the pain in some teacher's ass, he still kept a lot of brother's and friends around. he's been my classmate for 9 years and 3 months, till he transfered to technology class. kinda miss him Lol. maybeline ho's my best friend when i'm in this class, for some reason we're really great together, i'm once a rude kid with high ego that most people hate, she's one of the person that changed me and taught me to relent. :) then i met this guy name marcus. geez the first that he gave me was kinda funny. i remember it was his first time duty-ing and he was responsible in sweeping one part of the class. i thought i saw rubbish somewhere and shouted "RUBBISH!", he gave me that big "goldfishy-big-eyes". I CONTROL MYSELF FOR NOT BURSTING OUT LAUGHING SO LOUD. seriously! i don't dare to look at him and turn my head continue laughing, told him that he'd finish his duties. LOL. but then because of my foolishness we start chatting, and another great friendship started :) 
Mr Lau gave me a few advice to study hard in order to stay in kuching high. I DID. for the first year, at least. until my honeymoon year started. FORM 2 huh. when everyone knows each of their friends better than before, enjoys time playing together, start copying homework as for not being that hardworking anymore, and began to crave that form 3 will come faster so that we wouldn't see Miss Wee face that often, we could start having these loosen rules that we didn't want to follow, esp the "youmustmakesureyoulooklikeanerd-hairstyle" rule. but i had a great time this year, marcus tan was my neighbour for the year, but maybeline seems to get further apart. and so, this year i get to know more awesome friends, such as the handsomemost-clevergirl named rebecca, hui wen, liang huan, and so on. when there's some awesome friends around, there sure will be those none-awesomeness one. ooi jian xiang was the one that get on my nerves this year. as i sat at the last row where all last row students were boys, and with the un-nailed properly notice board, ooi jian xiang loves to pull the board and made it knock my head, for several times, and so, other guys followed. so i move around a lot this year, change to the front finally, and i met tiffany, she invited me to join volleyball, and so that's how i start to play volleyball. but haiyah i still dont like ooi jian xiang for getting me bullied -.-

oh yeah i remember the draw table and get caught incident and our class gets united in helping us to get through everything soooo smoothly, help us re-paint those tables, and blah blah blah. haha, only close one knew what i'm talking about eyhh? i miss it when we fight for justice together. LMAO. although teacher wins in the end. Lol haha.

FORM 3! the year when everything gets serious~ owh. i cant use to what i see when the first semester started, everyone's different compare to the year before, serious studying, less playing around, but the fun time never ends when we're great mates together. hmmmmmmm. besides studying, what i remember the most is when the trios teacher teach us! the used to call them SHE, or "kns", gahh but till now i still love and misses them! i'm great that Puan Khadijawati taught us before she left; i miss Puan Nazrah teaching although when she gets mad everything is scary and she repeats every single word she says but her smile still melts every student hear; i miss Puan Sutinah teaching history, she's the one that made history became to life since i start studied history! till now i wish that she could continue teaching me history despite that Puan Ng! haih, i miss Puan Sutinah great smiles and when she shares her experience that were always related to one of our history topics. nehhh i really miss her :/ maybeline's totaly apart now, since hui chian transfered to 3C, but still i knew rebecca much much more, and we became sister :) so as janice, ting, tiff, wugui, sarah and many many more who still hang out together till now even we're separated!

seriously. FORM 4 is ohmygooosh. the year i say bye bye to marcus, helloooo new friends and oh hi, PRESSURE -.- i kinda have this little tingling feelings of regret in deciding to go in science site. hmm all because i didnt put in much effort, and so i didnt score well and then, i don't like bing in science site. IF. i studied hard, I WILL love this class, I WILL love science and maths. real bah. and hmmm, its the year where i had lots of first time in experiencing certain things, first time failing so many subject at once, first time being in one of the lowest position, first time getting my eyes itch cause of too much lenses, first time being a prefect and getting to be apart in one of the big events of kuching high, first time being one of the magazine board committee, first time being the president of ISCF, first time joining LEO and which gave me the chance to meet TONS of new friends i tell you! new friends who were great based on academics, photography, physically, mentally, everyone of them were AWESOME-NESS! and infinity first time experience i had with elisa bong, my newly met besties too :) but still THE BIGGEST REGRETS i had this year is for not putting ALL efforts in studying, had too much time on self-needs, as for interacting with people, making friends, and having fun. which came out to become the biggest pain in the ass, i score REDS in my reports, tears behind every nag i had, and those dissapointment stares behind every looks that were once expectation believing that i could, but i didnt make an effort to prove it.

owh lala. better stop being so emotional lah. today's Christmas eve already! since its 2:58 am of 24th December already. HAHA. hmm since i went back to my grandparents, i had lots of mosquito bites! ugh. my beautiful pwetti leg :( EWW i know right. hahaha! okay lah, but its great having a reunion with my father site's family, we don't really meet that much as we're staying so far apart and i'm always busy doing "stuff", hmm. to be frank, its great to be in a village where everyone treats you like family, loves you unconditionally, and you could feel the warmth although its just the first time you've met someone. God gave me a chance to experience different types and stages of people, different types of memories and unique things to interact with. no doubt my life were pretty colorful already :D

err. too much blabs eh. haha. but thanks for stopping by though. before i end, there's a question i wanted to ask you, HAVE YOU RECEIVE THE MOST PRECIOUS GIFT OF LOVE THAT WERE GIVEN BY OUR DEARLY FATHER GOD IN HEAVEN? HAVE YOU LET JESUS CHRIST INTO YOUR LIFE?

believe me, if it wasn't for Christ, i wouldn't be the present me. i could end up much worst. or not even exist.


i love you mummy sister and brother too. ohh so as you my friend. xoxo :)

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oh please. speak the truth to your love one while you can. chances is not always around.

pic via tumblr.

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chapter 36 - my photography =)

mount kubah, youth outing activity

temptation of the earth - electronics and technology

opposite lion nursing home, mooncake fest with leos and old folks

angeline chan

my first hotlink pakage!

aroma cafe

after matriculation programme

kuching airport

kuching high school, somewhere near 4S1

kimberly - during 3 clubs combination station game

padungan, kuching

padungan, kuching

padungan, kuching

padungan, kuching

somewhere near hills, kuching high school

micklong place's somewhere inside :D

elisa bong

miss bong teaching sivik

leonard teo

grandma and granpa's saloon :)

granpa's the barber :)

outside swee mei beauty saloon, sekama

taken from inside of fujisan bakery, sekama


my table with letters LOVE scribbled on. its not my working though :P

first time skipping pjk class, boys having basketball match :P

self-study time, the week before test

outing to eat before volleyball traning

suprisingly, i can remember majority of the pictures i took. sadly i didnt have any cameras now. my hands are starting to itch lah. lol. 

little pieces that made up my memories and made it colourful. 

"Agents of Secret Stuff"

best video ever by ryan higa and friends!

I Never Told You - Colbie Caillat w/ Lyrics

sometime certain melodies just brings out those memories you wanted to forget so badly, but came to think of it, its those memories that made us stand strong today.

Love this!

For Behind the Scenes / Bloopers go to

This song is inspired and based off of Far East Movement's new single Rocketeer, go buy their song on Itunes!

If you have an extra 99 cents, You can also get our song as well!

Song Written by:
Ryan Higa
Kevin Wu (Kevjumba)


All music recorded, mixed, and produced in 1 day by Andy Lange. See how he does it:

Shot by Scotty Yoshimoto (Go check him out!):

Edited by:
Kevin Wu (KevJumba)

Special Thanks to:
Ronnie Canupp - Producer

Here it comes
Can't you see
That we're tough guys and we have feelings.
Take my hand
Close your eyes
With you right here
Imma shed a tear and cry
Don't be afraid to cry cry
You can still be a manly guy guy
Just cry.
Don't be afraid to cry cry
Let it free fall from your eyes eyes

Wake up see a sunrise
Let it free fall from your eyes.
Start my day and I read a sonnet
Got got a soft cheek with a tear on it.
Step out and the skies are clear
I'm a man and I have no fear.
Take a step and I land in crap.
I let it out, no holding back.

Baby we can go out on a first date.
But you come and pick me up half an hour late.
Girl I'm not gonna lie, that you almost made me cry,
But I'm a masculine man ill be ok.
Yeah, your place, toy story 3
the greatest all time kid's movie.
But I forgot, Andy leaves Woody,
And now the tears are coming right back over me.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Dear Brain, Sorry for overloading you.

Dear Tummy, Sorry for the butterflies.

Dear Pillow, Sorry for the tears.

Dear Heart, Sorry for all the damages. 

Dear Love, I wished I had you.


hahahahaha!!! joking lah lol. so many people on christmas mood now.

am not! i still dont wanna start school lah :/ although i really really miss school :P

and imma sick again! -.- ugh body resistance seriously decrease so much. gain weight and allergies tim. ish ish ish.

the coldness bothers

passion i once had with a flaming heart,

until "cant cope with studies" became the reason we drifted apart.

piano, a music instrument that invade, bonded in my life since eight years ago. but no matter how much i want to move on, i am always afraid to get bad grades in the examination.

i never wanted to play music whenever i am tensed. i though, music should always be played with a relaxing heart and mind. but then, i regret that i quited. i hope i never stop playing when i was 12, nor stop playing again when i was 14. 

its a gift from God that i should appreciate, i hope i wouldn't give up no matter what, for i had a bad habit of have short term passions.

guitar and photography too :/ and yeah better not forgot studies :P

the matter is all about doing what you love, and manage time to love :D

xoxo, thessa.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

something i wanna say since decades ago -.-

firstly, i know i dont look chinese, cause i'm half local, half chinese.

secondly, i grew up in a environment with many kinds of races peoples around, i learnt lots of language. especially chinese. i went to SJK primary school, still taking chinese till now, and will soon have chinese papers in SPM.

in brief, all i wanna say is 

我也算是一半的龙的传人,我会讲华文,会看会写华文,还会听方言! :P

original post -

something i missed out

alamak jie and me :D 

err its not about this picture actually. i post it here cause i don't want to edit the other post already. haha!

hmm anyways, i seriously miss the camp, working crews, amazing teachers, great looking host very very much! Lol :)

i really hope time past faster so i could do awesome jobs, steps into society doing the things i love!

chapter 35 - 小太阳快乐学习营,勇闯阅乐岛!

it all started when esther asked me: "you cant work? but can you suggested friends for me so i could arrange them for interview?"

i don't know what's the reason, but i actually quited my old job request, and decided to went for teem's event management interview. 

after being a fan of astro for years, i never thought i'll be helping in one of their events. XD

went to teem, somewhere in pending to be interviewed. there are 25 candidates, at first i thought chances for me to be chosen is low, although i always prepared myself for the worst, but i didn't know what will happen to me if i'm not chosen. 

God blessed me. i passed and got my badge *i decorate it Lol cause too bored during job time and doesn't even care what the boss will say when i give bag the tags cause he need it for the next event* ! XD

By the way. I'm helping in a 3 days holiday camp organized by astrolife, called "小太阳快乐学习营,勇闯阅乐岛" :) 

from first day - all oranges! 

then second day - blue army !

till rehearsal for perfomance,

and lastly, 

the kids have their graduation!

elisa slept at my house, its 3 tiring working days, but surely gave me an awesome memory of a lifetime!

biscuit and elisa :D

me and little elisa :)

its quite an easy job as i had experience in looking after kids in church before, and all we do is assist the teacher, some light job i must say, only for 10 hours and we get our pay, a group photo, and some gifts XD

through this camp, i learn what i'd forgot *those basic knowledge taught when we're in primary school Lol*, and most awesome is, met couple dozen of new friends!

its my first job, and i never regretted the choice that i made :D

last picture - 3 host of the camp
(William, 晓青, and Osvar)

*photo credits to kenny thong*

chapter 35 - incomplete

elisa! freda's sis ♥ XD

its an awesome holiday.

miss them so much already. haha!

gonna update soon. 

cya guys :)

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Thursday, December 2, 2010


its not my fault your friend's my friend.

i'm sorry if i stole them from you. if thats what you think.

but i didnt. and why don't you just believe me?


it hurts to see someone you love getting cooler and the distance in between gradually drift apart, 

each moment it became further and further, 

without your acknowledgement. 

until one day you don't even know what to do, 

and the person you once love doesn't even want to let you explain,

or give the reason why that person did this to you.

is it me or you who were running away, not wanting to face the truth and talk about what'd happen to us?

or is it you who doesn't even give a damn about our "friendship"?

chapter 34

LOOK! i found a picture of me *err a little also counts bah, got me whut* hahaha nyways its lovely Lion Esther again and our president Leo Stella XD owh and Elisa laugh so happily at the side there :)

Anyways. holiday's getting busy lately. got a 3 days job, got to do assignment and given task. join camps, celebrate Christmas and ohhhhhyeahhhhh. i cant wait to get baptiste! :D

 wont update so recent lah. do miss me.

xoxo, thessa :)

Lion Nursing Home Charity Sale

On the 28th of November 2010, the one year once charity event is held at Lion Nursing Home :)

Its the first year i'd join Leo, and get to participate in opening a stall at the Nursing Home after awhile since out club get least active. :/

But i'm grateful there's still so many awesome members that are willing to put an effort to help make this event a success :D

Sister Club members with our Lion Club of Kuching Host President, Lion Esther, Lion Wenderine the secretary and our Leo advisor, Puan Ting :D 

Patricia leng lui and Alex eng dao's frying banana, others help in preparing spaghetti, banana cake, chrysanthemum tea, fruits, drinks and sell!  

Stella, adorable Natasha and Elisa.
(Gosh i miss natasha's hug so badly XD)

Josephian Leos help us out that day. But two person niah. Haaaaaaaih.
Heng th Sleeping Beauty and looksbetterincurlyhair Jonathan Wee.

Jared's bullying Jon! (Hahaha i think Jon let him do it willingly lah Lol) 

We finish at 10 ++

Its really a successful event, everything went out smoothly, we laugh, made new friends and most of all, did charity XD

By the way, our estimate profit was maximum rm400. but we earned double! Thank God for that :)