Saturday, June 30, 2012

KML6 - Tickidy Tickidy Tock

Phewwwwwwwww. 6 days of class in a week is truely......... Uhh actually it's okay la. I guess. My week was fine, with more new friends and unexpected result from quizzes I had, and still maintaining my body in not expanding or even shrink. Ahaha guai lerrrr. *Awwwwwwwh just now I had a little glimpse of Diva's Universal during my lunch at Cafe A, eeeeeee I miss slouching on the couch watching that channel with mama in the kitchen preparing delicious food to eat lahhhh. Ohhhdear.

Geez. Anyways.

Last Sunday, me, Freda, Joyce and Ching Ting had KFC! :3 aduhaiiiii long time bo eat dao liao @@

Freda on mission! Hahaha following Zachary. Whooops so random

The second gas station I saw in Labuan. Still old version but coooooool. 

Studying in Freda's room and she gave me this! Woohoo

#REMINDER - Peel of the skin of the apple if you wanted to eat it, or else make sure there's no more wax on the surface then it's safe to eat :O

Freda and I share bought 5 eggs each and TADAAAA mine's cooked! Yumm loh

44 candidates for KML student's representative (Jawatan Perwakilan Pelajar) waiting to give their impromptu speech/manifesto to get our votes for election so they can be chosen to be one of the JPP committee members.

Me and Freda! Ahaha we bought homework to do during the speech oh! Used like so much space and totally not paying full attention. Check out the eyebags! Lolllllll hahaha

Itah. Hahaha Sabariah and me! Gosh she's just so cute and a very very lovely friend! She's the one that named my Halimah by the way :P 

Asri :) Hehh the clown of the class.

Cynthia! She look just like Mary Tiennnnn, ohmy lovely maryyyyy :)

Kak VEYRON and atuk NICK. Two of them very humorous lo. So much action dohh

Samat! Haha he can speak so many language! The only person I can speak chinese to in Tutorial. Nicee ler

During P.Moral, awww other's went to P.Islam, so yeaa can't take all :/


Promoting to get votes from student :)

Time to vote! (We're doing it the pilihan raya way, registering names, marking the X, folding the paper and slipping into the tightly secured box. Gosh such an experience) Tonight's gonna know who won the election :3
May the representative chosen be the most suitable person. One that really leads, and make good change to the college.

Time is crucial. Everyone here's moving at a pace that it's hard to catch up. Slowing down is forbidden or there's no option for you besides watching others strive from behind. The first month I was moving all right, but now I'm so afraid that I couldn't keep up. Just the frustration after being confused by a complicated yet simple concept in what I've learnt has never fail to eliminate my level of determination in moving on.

Despite that, I haven't had the guts to give up. (which I won't) Ahhh I just need a little more courage and not be afraid to seek for help, also a little boost of strength in both mental and physic. Joining fellowship and Sunday service gave us the chance to remind ourselves to stay close to God and rest in Him too, so yeaa everything will be alright.

UPS's one month to go! Aikks. FIGHTING! :)

Take careeeeeeeee :* God bless! :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

KML5 - Craze

This week was crazy. Like seriously craze from head to toe *poker face*
First I lost my set of keys, then I lost my mind in space. Haha. Then again it's a week full of fun and excitement! Fantastic baby

Enough said, better let the picture do the talking

Mini concert @ Astakaa :) Hawt under the sun but still got people go!!! Ohhmy but I got heard one guy with superb skills in singing la

At church! Heyyyyy no more blackout dy :3 Oh but the seniors from UMS's leaving liao wohh :(

John Tay zokzok! Haha epic siiiiiiiii

Weekly basis - visiting UK and doing very random stuff. Hahaha

Meesedaap with vege! Healthy or not? Haha 

Twister!!! Gahh so delicious man. Reminds me of Kuching Festival but this tasted better! Haha then again I'm going back when Kuching Fest is on! Yayyyyy cool

Library - Gek gutlak. Ohoho

MAHDERAS- tastes like teh C bah but the name still very nice what. RM1 Jakkk!!! Eeee the food and drinks at the boys canteen is far more cheaper than B and A lohh. Aiyoooo

Fred and me - Soon to be washing cloth date on every Friday! Hahaha #gossiptime

See!!! I told you I did lost my keys right! But I never got the chance to paste this up on the noticeboard. Gah thank God! Miss Zack's so nice to check it for me back in the Language Lab. #touched and I promise never ever to simply put my keys liao and also give mahdearfreda to keep a copy :3


Today @ church! Eeeeeeeeeeeee feels so xingfu lah. #PianoAndAircondsss ahh

Awkward pose? Hahahaha lemme introduce you to my guxiang friend - Leroyyyyyyyy!

Adrian! So-called Leroy's long lost twin. Hahaha he volunteered to cook dinner for us! Had curry + chocolate sauce spaghetti. Wee thanks to Rev Pau too! 

US!!! Felicia, Grace, Me, Josiah, Adrian and Leroy :) We overnight here at church because the seniors from UMS left for their sem holidays and it's our time to take turn in Praise and Worship for the Sunday Service! Haha and we're the first group to perform! Lalinlongaaaaa

Dumbooooooo. Took a lot of crazy pics actually. But nah, here's a coupe to show you!

Bye to you! Have a great Sunday! XOXO

Friday, June 15, 2012

KML4 - Dark Circles

Sentence of the week - Ku sayau kedik. Saya sayang kamuuuuuuu :3 Haha cute wei my tutorial friend teach me lor

Everything's still as usual when it's weekdays. At least it is not so tense on the first weekend after a week of lectures and tutorials la.

Sunday we had our service, and it's my first time praising the Lord in the dark! It was raining that day and suddenly the lights and artificial wind just went out. But then everything's just fine, I even had my first holy communion here in Labuan. Everyday waking up I just can't thank God enough for the fruitful days I had here, I really am blessed.

Choir practice was canceled so we were all dropped in town for lunch. I had mine with Freda, Penny, Joyce, and Ching Ting. We begin to know the selok-belok around UK and I feel like we're like officially a local here. Syok sendiri

Chocolate cake with heavy chocolate taste that cost RM2.50 only

Cheese cake! Yummier and so so much richer in cheese than cafe A's :P

Lunch :)

Took a picture in front of the fitting room at Parkson after Freda bought her white blouse because she's appointed as one of the ushers in church.

Joyccie :3 She's just so cute right!!!!!!!! :P

Gifts from two of my roommates. Hahaha as usual I sapu habis after I say thankyouu to them

My class and another class combined to have tutorial together :) I love my classmates a lot lah. Did I mentioned that my friends in this class will call me Halimah? Haha others were called Sabahrian, Maimun, Samsiah..... etcs. Gosh I 1 people two name, but of course I nemu who's who :P Cute la, after digelar menggunakan the new names, they will just gelak. And I really don't know why. Still they took the effort in taking care of me lah, (ohmy sounds like a little kid jor) especially Ona, Ummi, Gloria, Angela, Veron, Polly, Anymz, Pendz and Itah. Some of them will hold my hand and call out my name when we go to lecture hall so I won't get lost into crowds of hundred students. Hahaha. To them, I look lost and frankly, I am somewhat lost. Lecturer and friends all speak so fast but still they're willing to teach me by speaking slow whenever I wrinkled my brows. Even my Business Management lecturer, she's so concern about my progress la so she'll call me every tutorial class and ask me question regarding what we learnt. Of course I feel a little tense la whenever I'm called, but my classmates will guide me and help me loh. Seeeeeeeeeeee. I feel so loved. Hahaha

Just 3 out of 13 meals of what I ate in the three of four different students cafeteria in our college. First is Pisang Goreng that have no banana taste which is very Seddddddap from Cafe C. Second is roti bawang and roti susu from Cafe B (I likeey). Lastly, the one that I went to the most, is the cheapest fast food here in KML from Cafe A.

Photo from Leroy - Soooo randomly taken

First fellowship gathering! Haha it was funnnnn :) 

Life - wearing Sarong to bath. But. *eherm* I can't never wear it right. Came off every time laa

Will be going back home on August! Yeababeh. Haha now I'll not wake up imagining that I'm home. Got used to waking up by banging sound of metal locker doors, flip-flop sounds of slippers at 430am from the corridor outside, but I just don't like the washing of clothes. But I got wash bah. Scare got foul smell coming out of me pula. I begin to like it a lot here, I'll even look forward to go to lectures everyday. Time really is crucial and it's the first time of my 18 years life having constant night of less than 6 hours sleep. Coffee's now the daily must consume drink and no slacking or procrastinating is allowed. But so far, I didn't have the urge or even been persuade to complain about what I went through. Because all that I just mentioned is just meseee nye. I have great comrades, friends, teachers, and the library here is filled with just enough resources of information and books. I also have food, water, electricity and everything I need to make my days here more comfortable. See what I mean?

Just two days ago Penny left because she got IPG. Really awesome lah because she got what she want and could make here interest a career. I'll miss her so muchhhh. Aduhai punteng thought we can sama-sama celebrate our birthday here on the first day of PSPM :P but can't what. Wish her all the best lei :)

Heading to the library tonight to start our first group assignment. Btw the books of Economic and Business Management is very informative especially the English versions lah. Lol language-cism? Haha no la, my own understanding problem kot.

Me - now/ just now/ few minutes ago/ .....zz. Get why this post is named Dark Circles? 

Hahaha meseeeee nye. Ku ka tinduak liao. Have a great weekend! :) XOXO

Friday, June 8, 2012

KML3 - Thoughts / Lecture starts! :)

Since the text's a little too long, you can skip it, I wouldn't mind. But if you wanna read it, I wouldn't stop you either. :)

Nyamaipuorita d? Ku manah :) How are you? I'm fine! (Hahahah heyy that's how it is right, learning a new language while adapting in a new place, though I've not been that hardworking in learning my own language - Bidayuh :P)

"We are here on earth to live - to experience whatever comes, to act on that experience as well as we can, and hence to grow." - Ardis Whitman

My life here's great. Despite leaving home and everything, I'm glad I made my choice and choose to come here. I'm glad I have God to guide me with the path that I should follow :) Although phenomenal rumours is beginning to spread around, there's nothing more to do besides putting my faith on God. Although there's possibilities that I might stay here alone in my room for two weeks while my friends all go back to their families, there's no reason I should feel sympathy for myself because it would make everything worst.

As what Rev. Siaw mentioned this Sunday, it's true to always connect our everyday life with God's words. I hope I did, and I hope I'll do better. We're here to live for God, not for anyone, neither for ourselves. Through tears and joy, I'm in the palm of His hands, so there shouldn't be fear. I just need a little boost of faith and strength, because no doubt every living human on earth has their own weakness to overcome - feelings. Pray hard that my faith's base is build on reality (the Bible), not feelings.

I've said "It's not home without family", but that doesn't means that everything will go bad and I couldn't feel home even when I'm not home. My friends here's awesome, it's only three weeks and I'm grateful that the feeling of "belonging" exists. Although we all came from different places, we're from different ethnics, races, religion, and even speak different languages, I'm glad that people still accept me from who I am. This made me feel light and easy, eventually, the "homy" feel started to grow too.

I tried memorizing all my tutorial friend's name, and I did it. (Err maybe I'll not remember some by tomorrow la) Some laughed at my reaction when I forgot and ask for their names again. Now, they even called me Halimah instead of Thessa. Okayla Halimah also sounds cute right. Lol they're all so warm and joyful. Haha, Ona is a great leader too. She kind of did take care of me, very touched!

Through lecture I have a group of friends to follow during break who speaks Iban, with two of them who knows Mandarin, and one that's very hardworking in learn Chinese. Well of course I put efforts in learning speaking Iban too la, haha and I'm very proud of my progress. They're very initiative to teach me too. One of them - Harry who looks almost similar with my brother - he'll always remind me to rely and stay close with God. So as Andrew and Grace :) Did I mentioned that my other Iban friends from the Iban Methodist all call me meimei instead of Thessa? Haha their bunyi is so cute la. 

My roommates were helpful too. Lala will sweep the floor once a week (means that I needn't to sweep the floor! Hahaha), Priss who speaks Mandarin with me, taught me how to speak Iban and do maths equation, who's also a great example to follow for her strong faith and good spiritual life, and Siti who's so gentle and always open to help with anything that I need help to. Still the same la of course, all of them will wake me up if I overslept :P

Regarding the streams I take here, which is account, everything is in Bahasa Melayu, unlike Science stream's students, who learn everything in English. It's true that I need to read everything more than once, translate them to the language I understand, in order that I could consume and digest what I learnt in lectures. The process takes quite some time and there's need to put effort into, but then I'm happy that I've no rejection on what I took and learn. Most lecturers who teaches me is humorous, I love how the lecture goes and every one hour lecture just pass by so fast I am only to realize class finishes when it's about time to change to another subject of lecture.

I still remember the days where I'm so rebel I hurt my mum and dad's feeling so much,18 years just flew so fast it's a little hard to convince myself that I'm now in college, and slowly approaching society. I'm out of my home, my comfort zone and getting intact with really new experiences. But overall, I know and believe that everything will turn out to be okay, because I have my family, and I have God.

Then and now pictures ;)

In church during camp. Planking with the girls. Hahahaha they're so funneh

After Sunday Service at 爱人, ate Nasi Pattaya Ayam. RM5 with large portion! Sedap jugaa bah

After two weeks in Labuan, finally there's stock of lemon coming in. So instead of kitchai, I ordered Ice-lemon tea! :3 But it's RM2, quite expensive though.

Monday - Before mathematic account lecture starts ;)

Everybodeh's early

Cheese cake that cost RM2 sold in Cafe A. I like it a lot :3

Here's how my dorm looks like :)

Living technique - Use protection for clothes so it wouldn't get wet from the dripping clothes upstairs. 

4th time blackout at my floor and only the right wing. Study in the dark! 

Today - Closing ceremony of Teachers Day. Btw this picture is one of the performance: English teachers acting in a drama! Quite hilarious and creative! The differences between how high school and college organize an event became obvious for me after this closing ceremony of Teachers Day. Everything's so impromptu and spontaneous yet fresh and also not so serious. Although I mentioned not so serious, mostly everyone will follow the rules and regulation even if it wasn't strongly emphasize. The ambience is so open too and filled with laughter for 3 hours that even I didn't realize that the time just pass by so swiftly.

The four Readers Digest I bought from Miss Zack. The price is half of the usual one! I got four for 30 only, but for the few months ago issues lah. Still it's not so old so it was okay :)

See! 7 Habits by Stephen Covey which I touched on a little during my 3 months in Life.E. It's the first book I borrowed from KML's library! Was shocked that this book is on shelf and hope I'll read it asap. :)

ohhhhh can't wait for tomorrow's fellowship :3 heee bye for now! Take care God bless ;)