Friday, June 15, 2012

KML4 - Dark Circles

Sentence of the week - Ku sayau kedik. Saya sayang kamuuuuuuu :3 Haha cute wei my tutorial friend teach me lor

Everything's still as usual when it's weekdays. At least it is not so tense on the first weekend after a week of lectures and tutorials la.

Sunday we had our service, and it's my first time praising the Lord in the dark! It was raining that day and suddenly the lights and artificial wind just went out. But then everything's just fine, I even had my first holy communion here in Labuan. Everyday waking up I just can't thank God enough for the fruitful days I had here, I really am blessed.

Choir practice was canceled so we were all dropped in town for lunch. I had mine with Freda, Penny, Joyce, and Ching Ting. We begin to know the selok-belok around UK and I feel like we're like officially a local here. Syok sendiri

Chocolate cake with heavy chocolate taste that cost RM2.50 only

Cheese cake! Yummier and so so much richer in cheese than cafe A's :P

Lunch :)

Took a picture in front of the fitting room at Parkson after Freda bought her white blouse because she's appointed as one of the ushers in church.

Joyccie :3 She's just so cute right!!!!!!!! :P

Gifts from two of my roommates. Hahaha as usual I sapu habis after I say thankyouu to them

My class and another class combined to have tutorial together :) I love my classmates a lot lah. Did I mentioned that my friends in this class will call me Halimah? Haha others were called Sabahrian, Maimun, Samsiah..... etcs. Gosh I 1 people two name, but of course I nemu who's who :P Cute la, after digelar menggunakan the new names, they will just gelak. And I really don't know why. Still they took the effort in taking care of me lah, (ohmy sounds like a little kid jor) especially Ona, Ummi, Gloria, Angela, Veron, Polly, Anymz, Pendz and Itah. Some of them will hold my hand and call out my name when we go to lecture hall so I won't get lost into crowds of hundred students. Hahaha. To them, I look lost and frankly, I am somewhat lost. Lecturer and friends all speak so fast but still they're willing to teach me by speaking slow whenever I wrinkled my brows. Even my Business Management lecturer, she's so concern about my progress la so she'll call me every tutorial class and ask me question regarding what we learnt. Of course I feel a little tense la whenever I'm called, but my classmates will guide me and help me loh. Seeeeeeeeeeee. I feel so loved. Hahaha

Just 3 out of 13 meals of what I ate in the three of four different students cafeteria in our college. First is Pisang Goreng that have no banana taste which is very Seddddddap from Cafe C. Second is roti bawang and roti susu from Cafe B (I likeey). Lastly, the one that I went to the most, is the cheapest fast food here in KML from Cafe A.

Photo from Leroy - Soooo randomly taken

First fellowship gathering! Haha it was funnnnn :) 

Life - wearing Sarong to bath. But. *eherm* I can't never wear it right. Came off every time laa

Will be going back home on August! Yeababeh. Haha now I'll not wake up imagining that I'm home. Got used to waking up by banging sound of metal locker doors, flip-flop sounds of slippers at 430am from the corridor outside, but I just don't like the washing of clothes. But I got wash bah. Scare got foul smell coming out of me pula. I begin to like it a lot here, I'll even look forward to go to lectures everyday. Time really is crucial and it's the first time of my 18 years life having constant night of less than 6 hours sleep. Coffee's now the daily must consume drink and no slacking or procrastinating is allowed. But so far, I didn't have the urge or even been persuade to complain about what I went through. Because all that I just mentioned is just meseee nye. I have great comrades, friends, teachers, and the library here is filled with just enough resources of information and books. I also have food, water, electricity and everything I need to make my days here more comfortable. See what I mean?

Just two days ago Penny left because she got IPG. Really awesome lah because she got what she want and could make here interest a career. I'll miss her so muchhhh. Aduhai punteng thought we can sama-sama celebrate our birthday here on the first day of PSPM :P but can't what. Wish her all the best lei :)

Heading to the library tonight to start our first group assignment. Btw the books of Economic and Business Management is very informative especially the English versions lah. Lol language-cism? Haha no la, my own understanding problem kot.

Me - now/ just now/ few minutes ago/ .....zz. Get why this post is named Dark Circles? 

Hahaha meseeeee nye. Ku ka tinduak liao. Have a great weekend! :) XOXO

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