Saturday, August 6, 2011

chapter 49 - did i grow up? :P

This blog post will be pretty much. Vain. Heh.

My last prefect dinner - 30072010! Luckily there's Natalie there to talk to me. I love her so much! She's a great friend that's really sincere and cares for her friends x)

Lol. I was bored.

Mummeh and meeee. We're sister! x)

Natasha with me and Elisa. She's so pretty! Her dimples seriously amplify and emphasize her cuteness. ;3 


I don't look like me. Or do I? 
I had a great time in Leo installation though. It made me realize that I once focus on so little things and missed out the important things that I should check out on.

I'm glad I made the changes so I could cherish what I have.

So, Marc drove me to youth after installation. HAHAHA the feeling's so weird I can't describe how I actually felt. Lol. Too bad I didn't take any photos with him >:(

Pretty much~~~ PRETENDING. hahaha

And we all wore black.  x)

Went to Kuching Festival after youth fellowship. And I bought a number of food which I can't remember already. I love it when I go there with mummy, I never felt being ditch and mum always buy a lot of food for me! Haha the best is I get the chance to spend time with her  :)

Piggyyyy! Hahaha it's cuteness tempt me to buy it and so did I!

It never fails me to gobble it in my mouth, swallow down my throat and digest into my stomach! Taste okay, the read bean paste do look like concentrated blood. Lol XD

So, thats all? Haha.

Errr. Wait.

I never get tired of him. XD

Thats all for now. Gosh this post is so unorganized and random. Haha toodles!