Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Joshua Harris

Never judge a book by its cover.

I Kissed Dating Goodbye - Joshua Harris

Well, I did. I mean, why not? I was like, OHMAN this author has the guts to ask people around to stop dating. That's insane! It's like asking someone to give up something they like or love, errr for example, not to eat FOOD. well somewhat it's true right.

Yeah that's what I thought. But then I didn't forbid myself to touch it. Because of certain reasons I have to read it, and the most part that motivate me to read is because of, MY KIASU MIND.

(My mind started interpreting itself) First scene when I got the book. It says:

I ain't afraid. The thing is, my respond were as below.

You wanna hypnotize me? Fine.

Okay then I started from the back. Then it struck me.
There's this one question that challenged me to rethink: 

What's your motivation in a relationship? 
To please yourself, or to serve others?

If you're now hesitating, this book shall give you the guidance on the real rules and real meaning of dating.
It's really something! You've got to read it to know that it's beyond amazing.

To learn something in a little time is not possible,
it will happen when you've ready your heart to accept the truth, to deny yourself, and only by agreeing that God's right.