Friday, June 21, 2013

chapter 64 - It goes on!

You know how rare it is to find a friend that blogs? Just some random thought I had in mind. It would be nice to have someone close that blogs though. 

Anyway, before the one week trip to west Malaysia, my friends from around Sarawak came to Kuching for their University application's interview. From what I heard, most questions were hard. I never would've imagine myself going into a room facing 3 panels that asked questions that are beyond what I know. I might panic and cried. Blessed that the course I took didn't require any interviews. There's actually one though but I wasn't called for the interview so, ummm yea there's 7 choices left for my university applications. 

Lucky there's John, Leroy and Perry to help distributing the jobs in bringing some of the friends around. If it wasn't for them, I can't imagine fitting everyone into just one car.

Friends from Bintangor, Sarikei, Sibu and also Miri. (Y) Had our dinner at Sharing Planet the night before flying off :)

Thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. GAWAI (Y) Dang I missed it last year because of college so I look forward to it a lot this year. Although I can't really communicate but I'm glad it went out quite okay. Foods and tradisional snacks, tuak and alcohols, relative visiting, everything I missed I got it all. :)

So it goes on. More movies, more supper. Last year I only went into a cinema twice. This year, within two months, I think I've finished more than 5 movies. Got a feeling it'll goes on. I so wanna watch Monster University! :(

So. Last week Janice came, and after Janice went back to Sabah, Jerry came. So the hangouts never stops. But thanks to them I went to places I never would've thought I'd go if there isn't for people who come from other places just to visit us and Kuching. Thanks to them I think, I think I got closer to the kuchingnites too. Nothing better than closer friendship eh. :) 

Besides. There's also


Work. One week only. Ehehhhhhh.

Youth camp! :)))))

More movies. More supper.


This guy sure did make me feel bad for asking him to pick me up every time I didn't have transport. -.-

Looking forward to next two trips. Sibu and KK! Jyeaaahh

chapter 63 - To the west

After college wasn't as normal as how I thought it was supposed to be. I thought it'll be the usual holiday where I disappear, and where no news will be heard from me, or maybe I start working until the day I enter university for degree.

It all started with the first hangout of us, the ex-college mates who were also kuchingnites, then after, more hangout continues.

This two months, I've been to a lot of places, be it in Kuching or out. It's been too much, for what I thought, and actually somehow made my mum and dad upset a little. I did told them in advance what I'm going to do but even if dad and mum were somehow a little unhappy about it, they'd still support every decisions I made. Having too much fun made me feels guilty, so despite letting my mood spoil the fun I could have, I choose to enjoy the best out of what I've decide. Didn't regret though. It really has been quite an eye opening journey so far.

One week after resting at home after college, I went to KL, and also Malacca with my ex-roommate and also her very young aunt. After the trip to KK, Sabah last year, this is the second time I went on a trip without my parents. I was totally blank on where to go at first, because Priscilla and Dorina never went to KL or Malacca before, and it was four years ago since I last went there. I never been to Malacca even before that. Blessed for the personality mum and dad had taught me into, and several experience outside home I had, I was never intimidated with what comes next. In fact, I know it'll all be fine. In the end, by God's grace, we're home safe and sound, and I saw a lot of things and learn about myself a little bit more.

Closing with Niall Horan favourite Nando's food (Y) Jyeaaaaaah how I wish there is one Nando outlet here in Kuching :(

p/s. I didn't went to KL and Malacca only ah. More to update thoughhhhhhhh.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Happy 4th anniversary!

There's few possibilities why you're reading this.
1. You thought I was going out with someone and we dated for 4 years. (Like that would be possible. Eh but why not?) 
2. You accidentally clicked on the link.
3. None of the above.

That was just something cliche like baiting you to read the post but whatsoever lah. I'm just bored somehow and I don't even know how to make this exciting anymore. (Was it supposed to be exciting anyway? Erkkkkh.)

Andddddddd after all the random suspense. JENG JENG! I'm officially a blogger for four years now! Although I've abandon my blog for quite a long time. Blame myself for signing up Tumblr Instagram Foursquare Myspace Facebook Twitter Formspring and many more anonymous websites. Even so I still love blogging. I like Tumblr and Twitter too! And somehow Instagram, Foursquare and Facebook gave me the same feeling, which I don't really like so much.

So. Back to where I started. The biggest reason why I got myself into blogging is because of one particular embarrassing reason which I find it too embarrassing to tell, while another smaller part of it was out of curiosity. I'm glad I started then though.

If you noticed, I gave it a new look too! Not much change with the layouts arrangements, I only changed the whole pinkish look to ermmm baby slash sky blue? Before this I tried darker colours for the background and it look so gloomy like how I would like maybe 5 years ago but nahhh decide to go for white instead. So yup. Wasn't really satisfied with the banner though. But let it be first lah. Will change once I get fed up. ;p

It's weekend peeps! For those who stays in Kuching which didn't have a plan tomorrow night, you're welcome to this!

Hope to see you there. God bless goodnighttttttttttttt :*