Saturday, June 8, 2013

Happy 4th anniversary!

There's few possibilities why you're reading this.
1. You thought I was going out with someone and we dated for 4 years. (Like that would be possible. Eh but why not?) 
2. You accidentally clicked on the link.
3. None of the above.

That was just something cliche like baiting you to read the post but whatsoever lah. I'm just bored somehow and I don't even know how to make this exciting anymore. (Was it supposed to be exciting anyway? Erkkkkh.)

Andddddddd after all the random suspense. JENG JENG! I'm officially a blogger for four years now! Although I've abandon my blog for quite a long time. Blame myself for signing up Tumblr Instagram Foursquare Myspace Facebook Twitter Formspring and many more anonymous websites. Even so I still love blogging. I like Tumblr and Twitter too! And somehow Instagram, Foursquare and Facebook gave me the same feeling, which I don't really like so much.

So. Back to where I started. The biggest reason why I got myself into blogging is because of one particular embarrassing reason which I find it too embarrassing to tell, while another smaller part of it was out of curiosity. I'm glad I started then though.

If you noticed, I gave it a new look too! Not much change with the layouts arrangements, I only changed the whole pinkish look to ermmm baby slash sky blue? Before this I tried darker colours for the background and it look so gloomy like how I would like maybe 5 years ago but nahhh decide to go for white instead. So yup. Wasn't really satisfied with the banner though. But let it be first lah. Will change once I get fed up. ;p

It's weekend peeps! For those who stays in Kuching which didn't have a plan tomorrow night, you're welcome to this!

Hope to see you there. God bless goodnighttttttttttttt :*

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