Saturday, May 4, 2013

Random wordy post about.......

Ending 12 months of Matriculation.

Don't know how to begin with, or even really finish this post. Should I write a regular? Like choosing special occasions to talk about? Or those inner thoughts, doubting if I have them right now with me. I imagine myself doing this one day after leaving Labuan, but somehow I'm not ready to recall it all back yet. Choosing now was after I met Freda just now, talking to her seems to bring me back to the life I once had outside home. But so far, I'm not finding myself missing that life.

I remembered that time when I finished my economics paper, which was the last paper of my finals, I felt a great relieve and somehow the heavy weight on my shoulders just disappeared. When they announced that everyone's good to go after the exam, people were hugging and shaking each others hand with joy and bidding their goodbyes with tears. I stood there not knowing what to feel, giving only responds to those who talked to me and hugged me. 

All I was thinking then is to finish all my packing at once, and leave this college as soon as possible. But the sudden attack of the flu bug delayed my progress of packing, I feel so weak I hoped my things have legs they can pack themselves up. Lucky for Freda and Esther who also has a lot to pack and the sudden change of outing schedule, through hard loud sneezes and coughs I finish all up, using a total of 6 hours.

Lol all things on top were so typical detailed diary. Gosh so not interesting.

Okay then I was going to say that finishing this one year was really quick. Like you wake up, followed by the normal go-to-class-routine, then come back to dorm eat-clothe-washing-bath-study and bam! the life repeats itself like a tape playing on replay. And frank speaking, its the friends you have that'll make the difference and making the dull old life colour-fied. Ha. So yea, I was blessed to have many many many awesome friends. (These friends seriously made time flies too but even faster in a very good way!)

Then again I have this thing for farewell. I never ever cried on the last day of school or even saying sayonara to a friend who will be away. (Remembered primary 6 I tried forcing my eyes to tear but nope, not even a single drip) I mean, we're not saying goodbye and never meet again right? I do find it weird where why people cried and I don't. Even asked mum why I can cry after watching the weight loosing tele show but not on real life and happening farewells? She said I was use to it since I was two years old, like leaving school leaving Miri going to three different kindergarten and it goes on so that's why. Yeeaaaaaaaaa

Going into Matrics indeed is a second chance, living outside my comfort zone too have taught me a lot and experience God too in different ways. Is Matrics tough? Try define 'tough' first. For me it wasn't that tough.... I think. But you want me to go through it again for another year? Oh gosh please la. Besides some sleepless night, constant stress, new pimples popping up (depends how your hormones imba will leads to - some of my friends were very dark and deep eyebags), and the manual clothe washing, it seems fine to me. I'm not picky with food and I can do coffee (some of my friends were anti caffine so yea), I TRY to have my clothes wash every day and yea eventually it all went well. Quite. Well. (So much icings were added too so I was more than bless! - ie having to live in one of the dormitory where it faces the less water lacking problem and so so on)

Despite all those. It's all nothing now anymore but memories made!!! (Y) And the pain's worth it because dang I finish college already?! (Still unbelievable what) Now I've four months of holidays to spend.............................. He.

Okay posting this will never make me feel satisfied tho. Someday. I hope. Someday I'll look through those tonnes of pictures took and organize it all and write a better blog post. I hope.

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