Saturday, June 30, 2012

KML6 - Tickidy Tickidy Tock

Phewwwwwwwww. 6 days of class in a week is truely......... Uhh actually it's okay la. I guess. My week was fine, with more new friends and unexpected result from quizzes I had, and still maintaining my body in not expanding or even shrink. Ahaha guai lerrrr. *Awwwwwwwh just now I had a little glimpse of Diva's Universal during my lunch at Cafe A, eeeeeee I miss slouching on the couch watching that channel with mama in the kitchen preparing delicious food to eat lahhhh. Ohhhdear.

Geez. Anyways.

Last Sunday, me, Freda, Joyce and Ching Ting had KFC! :3 aduhaiiiii long time bo eat dao liao @@

Freda on mission! Hahaha following Zachary. Whooops so random

The second gas station I saw in Labuan. Still old version but coooooool. 

Studying in Freda's room and she gave me this! Woohoo

#REMINDER - Peel of the skin of the apple if you wanted to eat it, or else make sure there's no more wax on the surface then it's safe to eat :O

Freda and I share bought 5 eggs each and TADAAAA mine's cooked! Yumm loh

44 candidates for KML student's representative (Jawatan Perwakilan Pelajar) waiting to give their impromptu speech/manifesto to get our votes for election so they can be chosen to be one of the JPP committee members.

Me and Freda! Ahaha we bought homework to do during the speech oh! Used like so much space and totally not paying full attention. Check out the eyebags! Lolllllll hahaha

Itah. Hahaha Sabariah and me! Gosh she's just so cute and a very very lovely friend! She's the one that named my Halimah by the way :P 

Asri :) Hehh the clown of the class.

Cynthia! She look just like Mary Tiennnnn, ohmy lovely maryyyyy :)

Kak VEYRON and atuk NICK. Two of them very humorous lo. So much action dohh

Samat! Haha he can speak so many language! The only person I can speak chinese to in Tutorial. Nicee ler

During P.Moral, awww other's went to P.Islam, so yeaa can't take all :/


Promoting to get votes from student :)

Time to vote! (We're doing it the pilihan raya way, registering names, marking the X, folding the paper and slipping into the tightly secured box. Gosh such an experience) Tonight's gonna know who won the election :3
May the representative chosen be the most suitable person. One that really leads, and make good change to the college.

Time is crucial. Everyone here's moving at a pace that it's hard to catch up. Slowing down is forbidden or there's no option for you besides watching others strive from behind. The first month I was moving all right, but now I'm so afraid that I couldn't keep up. Just the frustration after being confused by a complicated yet simple concept in what I've learnt has never fail to eliminate my level of determination in moving on.

Despite that, I haven't had the guts to give up. (which I won't) Ahhh I just need a little more courage and not be afraid to seek for help, also a little boost of strength in both mental and physic. Joining fellowship and Sunday service gave us the chance to remind ourselves to stay close to God and rest in Him too, so yeaa everything will be alright.

UPS's one month to go! Aikks. FIGHTING! :)

Take careeeeeeeee :* God bless! :)

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