Sunday, June 24, 2012

KML5 - Craze

This week was crazy. Like seriously craze from head to toe *poker face*
First I lost my set of keys, then I lost my mind in space. Haha. Then again it's a week full of fun and excitement! Fantastic baby

Enough said, better let the picture do the talking

Mini concert @ Astakaa :) Hawt under the sun but still got people go!!! Ohhmy but I got heard one guy with superb skills in singing la

At church! Heyyyyy no more blackout dy :3 Oh but the seniors from UMS's leaving liao wohh :(

John Tay zokzok! Haha epic siiiiiiiii

Weekly basis - visiting UK and doing very random stuff. Hahaha

Meesedaap with vege! Healthy or not? Haha 

Twister!!! Gahh so delicious man. Reminds me of Kuching Festival but this tasted better! Haha then again I'm going back when Kuching Fest is on! Yayyyyy cool

Library - Gek gutlak. Ohoho

MAHDERAS- tastes like teh C bah but the name still very nice what. RM1 Jakkk!!! Eeee the food and drinks at the boys canteen is far more cheaper than B and A lohh. Aiyoooo

Fred and me - Soon to be washing cloth date on every Friday! Hahaha #gossiptime

See!!! I told you I did lost my keys right! But I never got the chance to paste this up on the noticeboard. Gah thank God! Miss Zack's so nice to check it for me back in the Language Lab. #touched and I promise never ever to simply put my keys liao and also give mahdearfreda to keep a copy :3


Today @ church! Eeeeeeeeeeeee feels so xingfu lah. #PianoAndAircondsss ahh

Awkward pose? Hahahaha lemme introduce you to my guxiang friend - Leroyyyyyyyy!

Adrian! So-called Leroy's long lost twin. Hahaha he volunteered to cook dinner for us! Had curry + chocolate sauce spaghetti. Wee thanks to Rev Pau too! 

US!!! Felicia, Grace, Me, Josiah, Adrian and Leroy :) We overnight here at church because the seniors from UMS left for their sem holidays and it's our time to take turn in Praise and Worship for the Sunday Service! Haha and we're the first group to perform! Lalinlongaaaaa

Dumbooooooo. Took a lot of crazy pics actually. But nah, here's a coupe to show you!

Bye to you! Have a great Sunday! XOXO

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