Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the coldness bothers

passion i once had with a flaming heart,

until "cant cope with studies" became the reason we drifted apart.

piano, a music instrument that invade, bonded in my life since eight years ago. but no matter how much i want to move on, i am always afraid to get bad grades in the examination.

i never wanted to play music whenever i am tensed. i though, music should always be played with a relaxing heart and mind. but then, i regret that i quited. i hope i never stop playing when i was 12, nor stop playing again when i was 14. 

its a gift from God that i should appreciate, i hope i wouldn't give up no matter what, for i had a bad habit of have short term passions.

guitar and photography too :/ and yeah better not forgot studies :P

the matter is all about doing what you love, and manage time to love :D

xoxo, thessa.

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