Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lion Nursing Home Charity Sale

On the 28th of November 2010, the one year once charity event is held at Lion Nursing Home :)

Its the first year i'd join Leo, and get to participate in opening a stall at the Nursing Home after awhile since out club get least active. :/

But i'm grateful there's still so many awesome members that are willing to put an effort to help make this event a success :D

Sister Club members with our Lion Club of Kuching Host President, Lion Esther, Lion Wenderine the secretary and our Leo advisor, Puan Ting :D 

Patricia leng lui and Alex eng dao's frying banana, others help in preparing spaghetti, banana cake, chrysanthemum tea, fruits, drinks and sell!  

Stella, adorable Natasha and Elisa.
(Gosh i miss natasha's hug so badly XD)

Josephian Leos help us out that day. But two person niah. Haaaaaaaih.
Heng th Sleeping Beauty and looksbetterincurlyhair Jonathan Wee.

Jared's bullying Jon! (Hahaha i think Jon let him do it willingly lah Lol) 

We finish at 10 ++

Its really a successful event, everything went out smoothly, we laugh, made new friends and most of all, did charity XD

By the way, our estimate profit was maximum rm400. but we earned double! Thank God for that :)

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