Monday, December 6, 2010

chapter 35 - 小太阳快乐学习营,勇闯阅乐岛!

it all started when esther asked me: "you cant work? but can you suggested friends for me so i could arrange them for interview?"

i don't know what's the reason, but i actually quited my old job request, and decided to went for teem's event management interview. 

after being a fan of astro for years, i never thought i'll be helping in one of their events. XD

went to teem, somewhere in pending to be interviewed. there are 25 candidates, at first i thought chances for me to be chosen is low, although i always prepared myself for the worst, but i didn't know what will happen to me if i'm not chosen. 

God blessed me. i passed and got my badge *i decorate it Lol cause too bored during job time and doesn't even care what the boss will say when i give bag the tags cause he need it for the next event* ! XD

By the way. I'm helping in a 3 days holiday camp organized by astrolife, called "小太阳快乐学习营,勇闯阅乐岛" :) 

from first day - all oranges! 

then second day - blue army !

till rehearsal for perfomance,

and lastly, 

the kids have their graduation!

elisa slept at my house, its 3 tiring working days, but surely gave me an awesome memory of a lifetime!

biscuit and elisa :D

me and little elisa :)

its quite an easy job as i had experience in looking after kids in church before, and all we do is assist the teacher, some light job i must say, only for 10 hours and we get our pay, a group photo, and some gifts XD

through this camp, i learn what i'd forgot *those basic knowledge taught when we're in primary school Lol*, and most awesome is, met couple dozen of new friends!

its my first job, and i never regretted the choice that i made :D

last picture - 3 host of the camp
(William, 晓青, and Osvar)

*photo credits to kenny thong*

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