Sunday, December 18, 2011

chapter 58

My holidays were nothing much. Seriously. But gladly I was used to the days of not doing anything important already :) The bad thing is, will I get use to slugging around and gain weight soon? o.o

Last week I've been going out too much. Lol somewhat I thought so because in the usual days, all I do is snug on the couch and watch old movies over and over again. Pathetic? Nah I LOVEEE IT.

Tuesday met up with friends at church to discuss upcoming Growing Heart fellowship programme, its the first time so I'm kinda looking forward to the exact meeting day;
Wednesday went to Sinar Serapi, sunbathing much, and luckily I wasn't the victim of the sun, yet;
Thursday met up with the upcoming ISCF committee members and got summon for not placing parking ticket, which I eventually forgot that its my responsibility now to know that most parking spot belongs to the government;
Friday had a pool party with my sister's youth fellowship, barbecued and ate home-cooked food by the pool, swam and Sam actually found 20MYR in the pool! Lucky guy;
Saturday lied in the sack till satisfaction - woke up exact at 12 noon, packed up my luggage and hit the road with mum and sister to attend my cousin's wedding at approx 36th mile near my grandparent's.

About 2 in the afternoon, me, clean and clear waiting for my sister and mum to get in the car so we could begin our one hour trip :)

*I asked my cousin if my face were as red as my nails. He said, naw its not. It's just so much redder. LOL?*

Nearly midnight and shockingly, I was caught drunk. Blush on my face and dizzy like I've been hurled by a hurricane after drinking shamelessly only half can of beer. I know right. Who are you kidding me, HALF can of beer?! I was never like that, seriously!

Fyi, the picture above was taken one hour after the redness goes of a little. Cold water on face, it made the heat turns into vapor!

So as for today, got up at 6 in the morning and rushed down to the city, and reached church late. Sigh this is absolutely a bad habit you know? Like its a custom to be late which sounded extremely abnormal. 

Just digested 3 movies before this blog post and later am heading to 17th mile to celebrate Christmas early! ;3

Have a nice week people. Treasure 2011 before it ends! :)

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