Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gonna... Try to... Be healthy. *HOPE*

The fear I have being a graduated high school student were haunting me so much I think about it constantly but didn't know what to do. I miss those days when I was at the age 15, where all of us were thin and fair, and we could eat whatever we wanted but still have a great posture. As time flies, we get lazier and yes, our body's metabolism rate ain't as fast as before because we'd die just to be active so instead we chose to slug around.

Just after Christmas with countless open house buffet from relatives and a birthday party I went yesterday made me end up eating a lot at once and gained 1kg of weight. (Sounds like I've gained more than that and I'm being overreacting but seriously, gaining weight is easy but losing weight isn't!) Especially when you love food so much you rely them to chill yourself out. (I admit several times before on twitter, I eat chocolate or anything else whenever I'm unhappy. *Obsession for food lol.)

Okay so really, I don't want to be a 18 years old soul but walking around in a 60 years old body. Its hard to turn back when everything get much worst. My encounter on KY's latest blog post made me decided to write this post, cause it's true that everyone should be concern about their health and not take it easily. Because when you do, your body will thank you one day. Besides, having a good looking posture will boost up your confidence, am I right? <<< the government website that could be useful with numerous tips and tricks to help you keep a healthy lifestyle :)

All the best! :)

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