Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Simply A Song I Sing

This is something I do when I have some time to spare.
Its a weird coincidence but I begin composing this song in a late evening when the rain has started to fall, and ended when the rain has stopped. Please ignore my amateur guitar skills and my not so nice voice. :P

Please pause the playlist at the side bar of my blog before you hit the play button. Do critic and comment if possible. Thanks! :3

Its raining and here I am
I'm singing and letting the melody pours in my head
The waters were dripping
My heart kept dancing as the cool wind blew into my face

I close my eyes
And this is what I see

I am a song A fairy tale
Singing from another world
With these six strings and words I sing
what brings me down has disappears

And dreams have come alive
So does your eyes were shining bright
Your smiles became my dime
Buying treasures of all kind

Its my bog screen And you're in it
And I think I can't feel my feet
Not wanting fame or being rich
Just you as my birthday wish

You held me I'd flew high
Goosebumps crawling up into my spine
Miss you badly that I've cried
But your kisses tells me that I'm fine

Rainbows ignites Filled up the sky
Its you or it was the rain
When I see you my heart felt light
Like music has filled my life

The rain has stop so swiftly
And this song I sing were kept between you and me

For what I knew and heard
I dare not to love
This is simply a song I sing


  1. Hey, love the song...nice and soothing...;D
    You're a talented girl!!!

  2. Really? :/ Thanks Angie. Appreciate it a lot! :)