Monday, December 19, 2011

Eheh. I youtube all day! :P

I wanna watch this so badly. Joshua Ang and Shawn Lee, old time favourite actor :P

The feeling when you're no longer in high school, and you reminisce the nostalgic moments with the special people you spent time with. All you can do is let the memories filled the emptiness of your heart, and try to find a way to never loose contact with them :)

You can't let go the love you've fallen hard into. Its not easy to forget because you've cherish the moments you had when you're together. You're not ready although reality tells you that its time and you no longer can keep it. People go away but most of the time, the feeling stays for the person that loved too much...

No matter how many times you've tried, you'll never learn how to love the right way.
No relationship existing in the world is perfect, like how it was acted in a movie. The only promising part is to know that to have the right person who you can be with that accept all the imperfection and tries to make the relationship works, that's truly perfect.

The keepers guy weren't the one that could make billions and millions of promises, because once they're broken, sorry means nothing. But when the guy can do things that made you feel like you own the world, keep him. :)

Being alone is okay. Being lonely is another story. Sad story. It makes you think the things you don't want to think about. But being lonely isn't the worst feeling. Just promise yourself, don't be the forgotten person by someone you will never forget.

They say autism were angels fallen from heaven, highly gifted and they communicate in a very special way. They're nothing but retarded, its just us that weren't clever enough to understands them.


All I want is really to fall in love. But I dare not to. Gladly my dream's still there :)
Its the time when you'll feel special, where the world is only you and the one you love, and what they said means everything to you. :)

The song itself speaks it all. I've nothing to say, it just made me wanna love more. :3

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