Wednesday, December 14, 2011

chapter 57 - Sinar Serapi

It finally feels like holiday! :P
Haha lets let the pictures do the talking shall we? :)

Went to Sinar Serapi to play kayaking, the sun was freakingly burning but the water droplet that splashes on your skill will soothe the heat out, so yeah, it was fun! :)

Group photo with Chiet, Cheryl, Mar, Me, Yy and Reb :)

Reb! Always my best mate and she was my partner! Lol luckily for her I manage to kayak-ed smoothly. Heh bringing a big guy with you is highly suggested so you can let the boy do all the paddling job! :P

Yy, the eldest among us, but surprisingly always has a young aura coming out of her :P

Me, Mar and Reb. Can't wait for year 2015 when the water theme park was fully built by then and there's no need to go to Genting Highland for all Kuchingnite! Haha :) 

Mar and the epic gradually big doll on her head. 

And each of us held one. Sequences from the youngest to the eldest! 

Chiet, the two besties, Mar and her piggy-rabbit :3

Us Four 

Went to KFC, Emart and wasting petrol driving around. Well hope you had a great day and I'll stop the talking now :P Gonna rest and yeah, see you! :)

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