Wednesday, December 21, 2011

By the time you read this

Who say there's an age limit to write a book review? Anyways this will be my first complete post on a book review I've read during my second day of SPM. (Lol see? This book seriously's worth the sacrifice of time I have and for your information, I'm having English paper the next day, so yeah, I TRIED to choose the right time)

*Seriously, I will try my best to not let this post sound cheesy* But heck, whats the point to write a book review without sounding cheesy? So back to the point. I've read this book called "By The Time You Read This" written by a gorgeous author as shown in the picture below.

Her name's Lola Jaye. :)

Same as the content of the book itself, the author herself is such an cunning writer. She plays with the word so magnificently and made it as simple as it sound but with the way she showcases her feeling, she will definitely made you feel all complex from deep down of your heart. As if a hungry beast lying in the deep dark path of the forest, her work of art will brutally eat up the next victim alive.

Its a novel about a  father whom has written a 30 years manual for her little girl before he passed away. A post written from the father can be only read by the daughter only on the day of her birthday and he tries to guide his forever little girl in her life during his permanent absent through the manual.

This never ending yet addicting book has effortlessly made a dumbass who actually thought that she were emotionally strong and mentally clever -- duh ME cried for a grand total 10 times when I finish reading the first 250 page. (Lol I literally counted :P) Which means there's more to go and more tears to shed. Of course, the novel has made me laugh countless of time too. And thank God I manage to finish it without sleeping late ;)

I'm overwhelmed by how powerful her writing is, despite this book s the first she'd published. I am seriously not exaggerating and making a fuss out of this book I've read in the past because you may think that I am desperate in writing a new blog post or oh-so-eager to show off that I have truly read an awesome book. NO you are absolutely NOT RIGHT and no I am DEFINITELY NOT despo to submit a new blog post. Gosh maybe a part of it was true but What The Heck. Good gracious I did read an outstanding and flawless book I must say.

Gold can be ran and chased for once in a while but nothing is more than a true relationship;

Certain incident may have cause lousy impact on oneself and convinced us that no one can stay forever, but bear in mind that even the not so obvious one was maybe the right one to be with;

Learn to move on despite living in the past that might have the potential to hurled you into the trench of ugly threatening fear of depressions.

Okay if you don't get what I say you might as well read the book. I borrowed it from the public library so yeah. Happy reading! ;3

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