Saturday, December 24, 2011

The perfect gift ;)

Its the day before Christmas people! ;)

Despite this very merry season, I hope I left you nothing but smiles on your face.

The relationship between Christmas and You.

Before I touch on the conclusion, let me begin by telling you a story ;)
Storyline : 杨百合 Drawings: Me *sorry for the crappy pictures :P

I was sitting in the living room when...

I saw a bird flying towards my one piece window.

In just seconds, all I heard was a loud banging sound...

I went out and look at the bird. It struggle for a little while, and soon lost its sign of life. "Its the second time I encounter something like this... Why are you so careless."

Sigh. The last bird was really lucky. It crashed on my window but after resting for ten minutes, it managed to flew away. But this one...

I was sad and frustrated at the same time. If it wasn't for the bird who can't differentiate the window was a part of the 'wall', it wouldn't flew fast and knock the one piece window! "Its the window's fault, you're the one that made the birdie hurt! >:("

But how can I explain to the birds that, the window can't be knock with their heads for it will hurt them if they do?

Unless, I became the same species of bird, so it could understand what I'm saying... "a*b@#c" "Chirp?"

As you can see, the birds mind were so simple, how could they have the ability to understand us human?

Similarly, with human's complex but limited mind, how can we understand the unlimited God?

Human have the nature to worship. If it wasn't for the revelation of God, us human will seek and find God, search high and low to look for a subject to worship, and end up worshiping the wrong ones; Theres people who worship the trees, and believe the spirits of God live in it...

Therefore, God takes the initiative to show us the revelation, and thus we will be able to know Him.

The first revelation (normal revelation) : Nature. 

The second revelation (special revelation) : Bible.

The third revelation (direct revelation) : Jesus Christ.

We all knew that on the night when the brightest star shines high up in the sky, it was the night that Lord Jesus Christ was born.

33 and a half year after Christ was born, despite siting on the throne and wearing a crown with diamonds, gold and silver lining on it, the Roman Soldiers made a crown for him to wear, by using thorns.

And still...

What does our life have to do with Jesus being nailed on the cross anyways?

What rights do we have for a highest prince to go through so much suffer and pain? Some more sacrifices His life for us? 

We've commit uncountable sins that can't be forgiven: we hate, we kill, we lied, we steal and there's so much to list.

In the beginning I've mentioned that the innocent bird have knocked the window and died after, if only I can turn into the same species of bird and explain everything to it, the bird can avoid being hurt and live happily then.

With the identical theory, us human were daft and we commit numeral sins, leading ourself into suffering paths of extinction.

But Jesus have came to this world and became one of us, so through him, we could understand the undying love of God,  be forgiven from the seizing of sins, and have the freedom to live in joy, peace and happiness.

Without a doubt, to have countless of blessings too. :3

This, is the meaning of Christmas, the relationship between the born of Christ and us.

So, always bear in mind that Christmas is not about gifts, lights, food, ornaments, trees, snow, and too is never about the birthday of Santa Claus.

We were the reason, that He gave his life.

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