Friday, July 29, 2011

chapter 48

 vintage. HAHALOL.

Currently my life is just like an old train,
Barely making any sounds when I'm passing by,
Or merely desperate to notify anyone that I'm around.

Still riding on the same old route,
Ain't waiting for changes,
Though there's breakdown and moments when I'm so tired to move on,
I'm glad that there's still someone loyal and sincere out there.

Mohd. Shahizzad and me *Lol I look tired, I feel sticky and oily. I really was exhausted!

I had my last sports day after five years studying in Kuching High - 21st and 22nd of July!
Four years I've been participating in sports event excluding this year. Sigh teacher told me I have substitution cause I'm too old le >:( Time flies so brutally D;
So I got myself into prefect duties which I could actually skip but I'm afraid to have nothing to do that two days. Lol and so I helped in escorting Lelaki B to their events and help them registered their names.
Wasn't that bad, get to know quite a few new friends and loose some weight Lol. 
And did mentioned? the star of this year sportsevent is zee guy that took picture with me. Ahaha state runner that aged only 15! ohhhmy :P

A memorable chain that I lost four years ago and I still couldn't find it anywhere :/
Remembering we're back from Bojong for my first missionary trip and got it as a gift made by an uncle himself. I do miss those days when I didn't compliant even a tiny wee bit after walking 6 hours none stop into the village or soaked my feet in mud and walking in the rain.

It really is a pleasure getting into contact with the nature God created and having my heart desire so much to serve Him :)

It was youth month! and got the chance to serve God.
Awesome daoooooo~ but got little error because of appearance :/
Nomatterwhat, still praise the Lord! 

Whai oh whai my hair is always in a mess? Bummer lah. I want pwetti and shinee ones!

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