Thursday, March 17, 2011

just. random thoughts.

okay i know facebook's laggy these days. but many were already scolding foul words and acting like they cant live without it. or they ain't acting? NO OFFENSE. but we all know facebook's lag and i don't need anyone to remind me again and again.

camp. sooner or later the feeling will end. and everything will go on as how it should be as before. something that will stay by forever, is the memories we had together. i may still dislike the feeling of paying others attention cause for certain reason i rather continue to go solo and not care. but something, someone, i knew is dragging me out. i hopelessly crave that i will got up and continue to care others without hoping for any paybacks. to my cutest group members, i don't really care about the position i had for being your leader, but what i intent is you guys to be my friends. real friends i mean. :)

so many bites from mosquito. ohmyyyyyyy. then there surely will be scars on my hands and legs for quite awhile. i hate -.- btw tmr's st.joe high school idol's final! aiyeahh can't wear shorts liao ugh Lol. i'm so nervous! bleh not cause its a guys school or a because its a place i never been there, its cause there will be friends that i long to meet! bahaha although i don't really hope to see them face to face, eyes to eyes. awkward lah. o.o

neh enough blabbing. its been a wonderful holiday and currently the mood for studying still ain't gone so its okay i guess :) take care, drink more water, don't stick your ass in front of the computer and remember to have normal sleep! haha.

by seeing people in facebook complaining about how life sucks, i desperately wanna explain to them life's a beautiful thing but afraid to screw up. 

why everyone emo. cheer up! live your life to the max. (cause there's probably not much time left.) - desmond ong

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