Sunday, March 13, 2011

#5 ; chapter 45 - i need more time!

ohh the first exam end le. but thoughts of studying never fail to haunt my mind. i know this is good news but i cant seems to get my head on books these days before i looses my mood to study. wow scary. hope i wont!

okay seriously, i am doubting about what i actually feel right now. a little tired mentally, quite tired physically, and the flame deep down my heart freaking needs boosting to burn like a massive storm so i could do things with total concentration and never failing passion. i hate being sick when its the time i really need my mind and physicals to complete this little but very important task.

i'm looking forward with this upcoming camp. i hope i'll get to prepare full percentage of myself and had the wisdom to overcome all circumstances. longing for flexible but rational behavior, running away from the non-responsible heart that give up every time stress knock on the door.

btw. arrogant and rude drivers that irritates really get on our nerves all the time. but "playing along" with them by being rude back, really shows how immature you are. i know its hard to forgive, but lets hope we'll have the heart to stay patience THE RIGHT WAY. oh i hope you get what i meant i'm lazy to explain.

i don't know either the weather's going bad or my body resistance's getting low as i'm getting "old" and recently having an unhealthy lifestyle. still, everyone please take care. being sick is no fun!

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