Saturday, May 29, 2010

Avril Lavigne

talk about fashion ICON. she is one of the most influencing, addiction, cravings, divas of millions and billions of teenage girls. included me. gosh.

well i am not so fond of her but seriously. she really leads the style that many teen-girl likes. even me myself just fell in love with her style immediately once i knew her. like when i was in primary. long ago huh.

she rocks! ooh by the way. her song entitled "when you're gone" is highly recommended. although its quite an old song but i still can feel the sadness every time i listen to it. I've never deleted her songs, excluded "girlfriend" that i accidentally deleted years ago.

as i was saying. i was not fond of her, so i never knew whats happening to her. the song i have is probably form her long ago album "the best damn thing". i never have the urge to update myself unless i really wanted to.

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