Friday, May 14, 2010

复杂 · 矛盾

现在的我,有很多心情mix在一起. 只有矛盾复杂能describe我现在的一切

everything is already a routine to me. I LOVE SIMPLICITY. but yet i wanted changes made to have excitement in life. Just that, i know i will lose something, and it might affected my whole life.

as the things to be gain are all unknown, not knowing whether its worth or not, all will not be as simple as it seems to be.

single or double? with or without?
it might be what my heart wanted, but it is NOT what my mind hope for. more to feelings? or reality thoughts?

growing up is mandatory, growing old is optional.
= but the problem is, courage is needed in the process of growing up =
anyone know where and how to gain courage?

紧急! 我该理智还是感性点?! 不知道啊!

so confused with what i wanted. as the choices made is going to be a sacrifice in certain way no matter what the decision is.

Lack of Confidence, Afraid of Getting Hurt

为何要为自己增加不必要的烦恼? :(


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