Saturday, May 1, 2010

trip to west malaysia 09

i forget when's the exact date of our trip. i just remember that it last for a week
i forgot where we went, after browsing through these photos (of course there's more) i still dont remember
well, here are a few shots i've took on through journey to west malaysia
there's much much more back in my PC, but im so lazy to pick, choose, so as uploading it. it took me hours to upload all this.
these pictures down here were just the beginning, believe me, there is a loads more.
most pictures was taken by me, as my phone was not really working so i 要求 to let the camera be mine during the whole trip.
we went together with mum and dad's best friend and also their kids.

its when we reached KL airport. well not KLCC but the other one. see? i forgot the name also.

have nowhere to went while waiting for met up wit uncle david and aunt ruth's family

arrive at KL about 10 something, i guess and waited untill 4 something for the bus to sent us to KL sentral.

this is tiffany, mum and dad's another best friend family daughter. they're originally from kuching but migrated to KL.

view of genting sunset from the room i was staying

sunset : little peek of mr. sun. :)

night view from where we stayin genting

dawn. mornig view. :)

a little blurry view of KL city from genting. zoomed using camera.

from left: uncle david, aunt ruth, mami and papa

menda, aboy, olive and othneil

mami and papa

papa posed

hes shot was so nearly to the big prize. kesi lehhh.

panda won by papa from shot. better than nothing huh.

she just loves the camera. although i think shes not looking at it

papa with uncle david

she followed panda's pose

double decker. aha my hair. i know. luckily its longer now. wont cut that short anymore. XP

everyone dont really have the heart to take picture, as parade was on that time

aha. superman change clothes diok tangkap by sis. Lol.

olive and menda

pretended they almost knock me down. Lol haha

menda and othneil

othneil is one year younger than menda. hmm but hes taller.

boiboi driving

panda? or what? Lol

the one ringgit was founded by othneil just lying innocently on th ground.

genting. taken from theme park.

caught red handed XD

in cable car


papa was hungry that time. mood no good dun wan kia kia edi. just sit there act cool. XP

smoked corn. im hungrayyyy nw. geez

langkawi laksa. it actually tasted better than penang laksa. my thoughts la

penang laksssssssa

penang fried kueh-tiaw. *luckily we're guided by mum penang friend. so we're able to tatse the nicest one in town and able to diffrenciate whats REAL tatse of penang

where tsunami occur at penang. hmm small part niah. cant see sea water as its 退潮 time. the sea water is somewhere at the cargo far away. if you can find it.

well, i tried to zoom actually, and the sea water weren't somewhere near the cargo actually. its further.

its raining there, above where the sea water is.

langkawi. right? or penang? hmmm.

ferry that brings car and people!

otw to KL from penang. via bus. near sime darby fields. hmm.

group photo taken while waiting for bus. we're going to KLCC. lastly we found out we're in the wrong bus stop. Lol

met chai shi mu in KL.


goshhh. i miss the whole trip. and my camera (which can take pic anymore due hacked by virus, i think). and my phone! (also hacked by virus, kept bling on and off. just bought it for 4 months weeiii!)
sad now leii. :((

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