Monday, May 31, 2010


i cant deny, its part of my life now. it all started since june, year 2009. i cant really remember what gives me the urge to start blogging, but somehow i think its for a good reason.

till now i never lost my passion with blogging. however i always want to update my blog even though theres time i really don't know what to blog about. obviously, many can see that i've followed many people's blog. i love reading people's blog, as there's where i got to learn new things or maybe even get the ideas for the next post.

i am still way at the beginning stage of blogging, theres still many things i need to learn about. my blog was still in a mess, as i hope for perfection but not absolutely. one part i need to organize and categorize is the followers part, although sometimes i just thought its okay like that. well lets see then.

mm-hmm. my heart will go on! :D

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