Friday, May 28, 2010

chapter 7

holiday's here! no camps, no plan, except going back to my grandparent's celebrating Gawai. hmm dance, long time no see relatives, junk foods, traditional dishes, GREEN and fresh air, and little bits of alcohol! XD its once in a year chance. but hope i wont gain any weight there. haha.

next, i'd love to updated myself with more musics. wanna learn guitar and improvise piano skills. crave to learn tons of new songs. kinda affected by teacher's day performance done by several students on stage, GLEE, American Idol and more! music sure lifts up my mood :)

if i am able to repair my camera and phone, i would like to improve skills in photography's too. will take picture of what i did this coming 3 weeks if i had the chance. lets wait and see!

well of course, study. school syllabus and other extra knowledge. crave to reads more great novels and self-motivations book. creativity doesn't comes easily, gonna understand more about myself and others too.

last but not least. DIET! target to loose 5kg this 3 weeks. but hoping that i'll not be tanned by the end of the holiday.

peace out ! <3

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