Monday, May 31, 2010

chapter 9

somehow i think this holiday will be no difference compare to the past.
well i really hope not. its gonna waste all my lovely time. holiday in the past = totally irregular life as for unusual sleeping and eating habits which causes me to gain weight and having unhealthy skin + no improvements in knowledge.

as i was saying. im gonna improvise skills in playing guitar right? but i actually painted my nails and now i don't even wanna do chores. gosh bad me. i actually scared that the nail polish will come off if i play the guitar or when goes into the food i cooked.

my study plan. hmm had and inspirational and motivational talk with certain someone. i still have the heart to study because i hadn't started yet. who know's what'll happen i f i open my books? modern maths and additional maths. my biggest, major problem. people might think that it was such easy subject but my problem is i dislike the subject till i never pay any attention in any lessons since the beginning of the year.

by the way. mummy asked if i want to help babysit my niece or not. here goes my diet plan. gah. so if i babysits, that means i can't join the training at school, jublee ground, so as volleyball training as i cant go out full time on holiday right? rest is needed for such love-to-sleep person like me. and this sort off will affect my study plan too.

i cant deny the request to babysit can i? my cousin was pregnant and her mother-in-law was not in at the moment. gosh. she was so sweet so as her baby. still in a progress of making up my mind.

i once love to talk craps with AKJS while messaging. but now it seems kinda bored. like seriously. maybe i am effected by the incident that occur during test? admit that it sort of made me having phobias contacting the opposite sex. now i'd prefer girls talk and totally girl outings. sometimes i wish i could transfer to a girls school too. see? OR MAYBE I SHOULD STOP. thinking that its such big deal. i need time to overcome everything. i know it ain't that complicated but the fear just somehow wont disappear, although i know its fading.

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