Sunday, September 12, 2010

Glee !

Heyya guys.

This post is gonna be all about GLEE !
Glee is a musical comedy-drama that's one of my favorites from time to time.
Too bad i cant really catch up with all the episodes. :/

Anyways, Glee's a very awesome TV series that won several awards, and won hearts of many fans too.

First air on FOX broadcasting company in United States.

- season 1's actors and actresses -

The Cast Of Glee

and finally

Gateways to More Glee x)


  1. Woderful!!!!!!!
    And i have one question:My sister have,too.But she ask me How do you give on your site music? which play all the time of my visiting your blog.
    Sorry,for my english!

  2. hey anonymous :P

    i get all my music player from :)
    it's pretty easy actually, you go to the page, join as a member, and create a playlist with the music you fav! x)hee your english not bad what.

    thanks for stopping by! :)