Saturday, September 4, 2010

comedians on youtube :)

heyyya guys xD

i've been on youtube these few days, both of these guys popularity just cant make me stop and watch their videos :D

first is this super zomg cute guy name Ryan Higa, and here's how you can find him -

Ryan's on youtube





- ryan higa -

actually i just knew him today but he's on youtube for four years now, and he's darn popular.

his video was superb funny and i love his smile ! Lol haha. believe me, any girl could fall for him but not after when you see his video, he's a little over and kinda dangerous to watch if you're easily influence. but somehow he's better than this next guy i'm gonna introduce xD

his name, is Peter Chao. i've known him like one month ago and he's very famous although he's on youtube like, one year only.

Peter's on youtube

Peter Chao's new channel

Peter Chao Facebook fan page

Peter Chao Twitter

- peter chao -

He have a heavy cantonese slang and is superly rude. err wait rude? wait is he likes to swear very much. Lol. but the thing is, seeing him talks just makes me laugh XD

*warning : kids should not watch his videos*
*err not only him i guess, both this guys videos should not be watched by kids XP*

hah thats all for now. ciao!

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