Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fred Figglehorn

Fred Figglehorn ! hey guyssss ! another comedian from youtube ! haha xD

Here's more of his information if you're interested -

Get a Fred Party Pack at including your chance to be in a Fred video, a special Fred T-shirt, Who's Ready to Party Album, It's Hackin' Christmas with Fred CD and Fred poster.

"Fred: The Movie" - PREMIERES on Nickelodeon 9/18 8PM

"Who's Ready to Party?" - Available 9/21

"Fred: The Movie" - 10/5

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Lol told ya'll i'm on youtube these days. By the way, he's on youtube for like 5 years and he's kinda popular too. But heard that Mr. Nigahiga is better. Well depends. I think all three comedians i've known so far were equally awesome.

Except for Ryan Higa, I thinks. He have a freakingly smokingly cute smile! Lawl me.

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