Sunday, September 5, 2010

Another announcement? Lawl.

hey guyyyyyyyys.

haha as many you all known, i have many sites online, thanks to my daddy for the internet connection and this PC im using ! LOL. thats not the point.

as i was saying, i have many pages. well not really many. wait is FIVE alot? for me maybe -.- i'm currently a secondary student and managing so many pages were kinda hectic, blame my curiosity for signing up and cravings to make new friends.

but so what? at least i'll update each of every pages once in awhile. when i'm free obviously. but normally i'm.

wait. not really. when i get busy it'll take me like a long period to update everything.

geez why am i explaining so much? its up to me right -.-

anyways, i have a myspace page -

which i didnt really update it. BUT. i did update it okay. like thrice a month maybe?
but basically me updating myspace is just like changing the mood, status, rarely blog.

second, it's facebook ! aha. this is what i'll update the most. LOL ofcourse, so many people and friends using, notifications to be replied and took care of, and most importantly, updating ME with news ! xD

anyways this's my facebook acc -

i have two acc actually, but please dont ask why. I JUST LOVE TO HAVE TWO. you care? i dont.

here's the second most page which i'll update. its my bloggieeee~ aha. I love it so much. *to all noobies* its what you're watching now for your information. Lol.

owh by the way, if i have too much to say ofcourse i'll come here. unlike facebook or twitter, this is where i write something more in details. :)

next is tumblr ! as i've said, i'm just starting to update it, who knows how frequent i will. Lols but normally picture's going there :D

last but not least, twitter ! xD its where i'll update zeee most random stuff, and where i'll announce "things" and my real feelings for the moment. :D

tweet me too if you have one ! -

once more question asking why will i want to have so many pages? its for fun .

maybe i like publicity? you're kidding me. i update what i want to share, and seeing or passing by my page is your choice. like it or hate it, i dont care. if you dont know me, dont judge me. thanks those who loves me and haters, you're most welcome to leave. :)


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