Friday, September 10, 2010

chapter 25

first and foremost,


to all my Malay friends and family!

hope you guys have an awesome Raya :)

By the way, yesterday (08092010) went out with Luny Jie xD
ate Sunny Hills ice cream, its raining that time -.- cold si le~
Pick Jacys
went to One Jaya walk walk, ate tiramisu chocolate! yummmmmm~
Wen to Church to find Angeline but she's not there after rejected by Amos ><
Went to Big Potato - Mr.Cempedak house
Played PS1 ! And I lose a lot. LOL.
Went out to eat Curry Chicken Rice ! Haha. 
Too bad i'm still a little full, wasting. But luckily Jacys help me fininsh it xD
Talk a lot, Laugh a lot, especially when Cempedak and Jacys craziness. Haha.
Then i'm like, half hour late to tuition, did some addmaths, listen to song, blahs.
reach home, bath, play my guitar, listen to SOP new songs, play guitar again.
then call Lex :)

talking on the phone before sleeping is bad for our health. seriously. 
but sometimes i enjoy talking on phone rather than texting.
just it eat loads of credit -.-

But overall yesterday's kinda fun :)
Tonight's gonna have rehearsal !

Anyways, tonight there's gonna be a talk of testimony from a SINGAPOREAN ACTOR.

At ACS, Kuching, evening.

Anyone interested could go although i'm not going.

Its a rare oppotunity :) 

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