Sunday, September 12, 2010

chapter 26

booyah to the max!
haha i finnaly did "something" that wasn't really randoms in the durations of this holidays.

imma gonna share stuffs that i did from 09092010 till 12092010 :) 

on thursday, i went out with Ning Jie, Jacys and Cempedak

a picture with my sis i've taken before i went out
she look so sleepy :/

i played with my dad's chef hat *a disposable one* ( which's called TOQUE traditionally )
too bored x)

after ning came, we went to Sunny Hill and eat pandan Ice Cream!
omg i cant belive it, its been so long~ thanks to ning i could eat it again. the last time since i last ate is like, five years ago x(
and till now, its still super delicious! haha. 

some photo taken on that day, credits to Ning Jie :D

Friday morning i did nothing, until night i went for rehearsal for upcoming church event - moon cake festival night.
Just after the rehearsal, i realize i haven't been practicing well on my piano as my hands have stiffened, not as active and lively as before, and my skills in live performing which needs to observe the vocalist signals just sucks, my mind's always drifting somewhere else~

Saturday i woke up at 6, which i've never had waken up this early for one week already.
I went to Mount Kubah Climbing with SIB Youth Fellowship :)
Our trail is 3000 miles uphill, and 3000 miles down the hill, we started our journey around 7/8 oclock and ended around 2 oclock.
the trail's kinda hectic but we made it, TO THE TOP!
praise the Lord~

camwhore on the ount top!

lots of photo shooting
photo album by pro photographers - Luny , Samuel x)

finally, on Sunday, we went sermon in the morning,
and went to Boulevard,
which you and me myself couldn't believe that i wore something like this!

just for fun :P

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