Sunday, September 5, 2010

chapter 23

boo guys xD

today's little elissa 6th birthday! :Dfrom her birth till now, she always had a chance to have a big birthday with relatives coming from faraway places to celebrate together, and so, its kinda a big one.haha, by the way, he's Granpa is the District Officer of Serian, so that's why :)

this pwetti lady is my mother! did we looks alike? :)

this is the birthday girl with my little sister :)owh by the way she create her blog, help her advertise - currently empty though. haha.

this is my cousin, mum, and the birthday girl ! :Dright is elissa's mum, and left is elissa mum's sister, my mum's in the middle :)

simon lee! haha. my coussssssss. although he had a surname but he's pure bidayuh. haha.

a little camwhore in the car ! xD

my mum got her camwhore too. haha xD

owh by the way i went to get interview at the place we had our dinner - Chef Delicious :) and i think i got the job. LOL they say they'll call and confirm the time. And. i sibeh kintiooooooooo if i went there to work, there's two guys who looks like pervert and they look at me like what. OWH GOSH i wan faint liao -.-

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