Wednesday, June 16, 2010

chapter 12


what fascinates the windows of our soul, it'll led us lost our thoughts through reality. i am un-clearly clear now, if you know what i mean. *rolls eyes and smirk for saying such unsuited my taste talking* heh.

this Taylor Swift song titled "today was a fairytale" kept haunting me. as in, a positive way if u're wondering. i am neither obsess or annoyed with it but it sort of plays on and of in my mind for such long periods already. weird huh.

eh. My mind is open and i seriously know what's important now. Electronic stuff ain't so tempting anymore. ahh food too? yet to be. haha. *reminder i am un-clearly clear* its just the start, my decision might be mature enough, i just don't know whether i'll have the ability to accept and unsure that it'll last or i'll be emotional again and whine some more OR.. just in case if something happens.

ps. decision can be made, but only in a firm condition where there's evidence.
psss. happy "bak zhang" day guys! erm. although i am half hour late. :P
pssss. i love Charice! i am madly in love with her! Lol.
psssss. sorry for being lost these days. being alone seems to be nice. *not the negative and rejecting type, but the i don't care so much anymore type* i kinda enjoy it. :D

ah. i love me and my family! <3>

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