Monday, June 7, 2010

blame the attitude of always giving excuses. gahh.

i knew this would happen. once online, i just cant stop. i say goodnight to everyone at eleven and guess what? now's one thirty-five already.

my finger's kinda tired because of too much clicking and typing. my legs are tired because of heels and too much walking around. my eyes are tired because of lenses and non-resting in front of monitored techs equipments. my nose itch and sneeze once in awhile. my chest pains due to coughing. but my mind seems to be so much active. i cant sleep. see? irregular lifestyle. happens every holiday.

i was stuck up on facebook. cant say that things i did was nonsense, i just want to keep up and stay close with my friends and relatives. add some of the jute's family, which is far-ly related to my family, neighbour and some maybe childhood friends. now we *by we i mean me and the peers who used to play together* seems to be far apart, not really talking and doesn't hang out with each other anymore. there's some personal reason that affected my thinking since i was young, i shouldn't made it became the reason to avoid them, so i decided to say hi and try to keep in touch. :)

ahhh not so wanna go to training tomorrow. had a feeling that i might not wake up early. but i must, if not i'll miss out ning's outing and dissapoint tiff. ><

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