Tuesday, June 8, 2010

i rant.

its singlish. its childish and dumb dumb talk. its CRAP. aha.

eyes pain! myyyyyyyyyy gosh. itch lots and pain much. :(

gahhhhh i am so craving for new specs now. although i don't really need a new one. but. sigh. i miss me music express so much. :(

holidays + instant noodle = yum! :D

note to me. talk only when necessary! =X

alex say i am stupid. stupid guo tou. :( now i lazy and bo xim text him. ahahaha. LOL. i miss friends. i miss marc. i want outing. but almost bo lui le. dang.

hmm actually i am lazy to blog too. really bo xim bo mood ah. later need to clean room as promised. but i am kinda lazy leh. aiks.

Guns N Roses. Sweet Child O' Mine this guitar solo yeng wui. its an old old song. whoots. but i always hear my neighbour play this song wor. ahh. nice. hmm did i mention they sing knocking on heaven doors too? familiar huh. its a song i listen since young~

Sex Pistol yeng too. they're a punk rock band that 楊奇煜*wiki* which nickname is 小煜*baidu* likes. ahh im back to oldies huh? haha.

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